Free Water Safety Fair US Coast Guard Sat May 18th 10-1

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Free Water Safety Fair US Coast Guard Sat May 18th 10-1

Post by bil7y46 » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:23 pm

Join us for an exciting, fun, & free family event!

Saturday May 18th 10am - 1pm

No RSVP just come on down to Fort Baker Sausalito.

• Coast Guard Dogs skills demonstration
• Coast Guard & Police Boat Tours
• Explore Inside a CHP Helicopter
• Life Guards, Jet Skis, & Fire Fighters
• Meet Coastie, our Remotely Operated Vehicle
• Paddle Craft Safety Instruction & Free ID stickers
• Take a selfie with Oscar, the Coast Guard Station dog!
• Helicopter Rescue Demonstration (unless called away on duty)
• Learn knot tying, radio communications, & how to get your California Boater Card

435 Murray Circle - USCG Station Golden Gate 10am - 1pm
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Re: Free Water Safety Fair US Coast Guard Sat May 18th 10-1

Post by Yoda » Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:58 pm

Please DO NOT inform the USCG that we kiteboarder's are breaking their established non-motorized "vessel" laws for floatation devices... ... ns/479.pdf

I warn this because I've been threatened by park rangers for not wearing a vest when kiting. I had to educate them on the fact that nothing exists that is designed to efficiently (and safely imo) work with a waist harness. As a result they let me go, but they did request that I use a waist harness specific floatation/sailing vest to mitigate any issues since it was better than nothing.

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Re: Free Water Safety Fair US Coast Guard Sat May 18th 10-1

Post by sflinux » Thu May 09, 2019 2:33 pm

I wear a waist harness.
I presently use a two part solution:
This is the solution that I use by Promotion: ... Vests.html
In addition, I now wear a surf brand wake vest.
With two of them, I think I am at the coast guard approved bouyancy level for floatation. But I don't believe that either is coast guard approved on their own.
I wear the "B" surf brand wake vest inside of my wetsuit. Then I pull the "A" ProMotion over my wetsuit. Next I put on my waist harness. I like the extra padding by the wake vest inside my waist harness.
p.s. I used to wear a coast guard approved pfd over my waist harness (you can find ones that work), but the current solution is more comfortable.
p.p.s. Having buoyancy can save a life, or at least make recovery more likely.

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