20 Ways You Can Help Save Our Beaches

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20 Ways You Can Help Save Our Beaches

Postby OliverG » Mon Nov 29, 2004 7:15 am


STORM DRAINS: FROM THE STREETS TO THE BEACH - During a rainstorm, the trash and toxins that were dumped on the street run straight to the beaches.

1. Get your mind out of the gutter

Clean your driveways and sidewalks (with a broom, not the hose). Put trash in the can instead of the gutter. Use your lawn clippings to fertilize your lawn/garden.

2. Pull your own weeds

The less herbicides and pesticides you spray, the less you will swim in on the weekend. It all eventually runs down to the beach. If we reduce the amount of slime that goes into our storm drains, our costal waters will be protected.

3. Plant, don't pave

Let the run-off water soak into the ground. Landscaping is prettier and creates oxygen.

4. Don't water the driveway

It won't grow. And all that water washes to the beach.

5. Scoop the poop

Unless you like to swim in animal poop, make sure you and your neighbours pick up the droppings.

6. Report full catch basins

The Dept. of Public Works should clean a full storm sewer.

7. Fix your car leaks

More oil enters the beach from urban run-off than from tanker spills. If your car drips, the oil will find its way to the ocean.


8. Don't be a drip

Low flow shower heads, drip irrigation, and low flow toilets conserve water. Repair leaks.

9. Don't be a prune

Don't let your showers dry out your skin like a prune. Shorten your showers. Wash only full loads.

10. No trash in the toilet

String and hair are hard on sewage treatment plants. Remeber to throw them in the trash rather than in the toilet.

11. Water in the morning or evening

It minimizes evaporation, and it's better for the plants.

12. Use nontoxic cleaners

Drain cleaners, oven cleaners, nail polish remover, paint thinner, etc. are chemical poisons. Vinegar and baking soda can clean very well.

13. Oil's well that ends well

Recycle your used motor oil at a garage or recycling center. Don't dump it down the storm drains, or in the trash.

14. Drop off your hazardous household waste at an authorized dump site


15. Reduce your waste

Buy jumbo-size packages. Shop for products with the least amount of packaging.

16. Recycle once is not enough

Buy recycled goods. Call 1-800-RECYCLE

17. B.Y.O.B.

Bring your own canvas or used paper bags to the store.

18. The new coffee generation brings their own mugs.

Help stamp out styrofoam. Take your ceramic mug to the coffee cart.

19. People cause pollution, people can stop it.

Educate others. Then, they too can protect our beaches.

20. Get organized

Join up and get involved in a local action group. Join the Surfrider Foundation. We have wasted enough, let's not waste time.
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