In case you were not aware, Mariners Point Golf Center management has granted non-customers permission to park ONLY along the fence adjacent to the Bay Trail path.

Please help spread the word if you see someone parked incorrectly.

If you can, please print a few copies of Rick Cavallaro’s flyers below and leave them on the windshields of cars parked incorrectly.

Mariners Point has been very accommodating so let’s return the favor!


I just got off the phone with Chris from Mariner’s Point. He’s doing everything he can to help us get our 3rd Ave Beach sensor moved to the pole closest to the upper launch. I think that’s going to be a big win. He’s working with Foster City and the ikitesurf guys. And there’s really nothing in this for him.

He also allows us to park in his lot but ONLY along the fence adjacent to the path. Unfortunately that situation is getting worse – not better. Too many kiters are not aware of the arrangement. So we HAVE to get the word out if we don’t want cars to start getting towed or to have him shut that parking off to us. Golfers have been calling the city to complain.

I wrote up a statement that’s been approved by Chris to put on windshields of cars that are parked improperly. It would be great if everyone that parks there, and understands the arrangement, could carry a few of these flyers and leave on windshields when necessary. I also want to get a pile of these printed up to leave at the pro shop so golfers can also put them on windshields. If you need a copy of the statement, let me know. I’ll share the word doc.

Please help get the word out however you can.


Rick Cavallaro

Thanks to Cavian @ for creating the map image above!