balls on line so when I release the bar doesnt fly to kite

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balls on line so when I release the bar doesnt fly to kite

Postby guest » Sat May 21, 2005 6:09 pm

so when I release my bar to dump the kite and Im not chicken looped in my bar goes all the way to the kite. I hate that. im trying to get my gear all dialed in perfect and I know some of you have them stopper ball on your line to keep the kite depowered but so the bar doenst go all the way to the kite. I got a ball but no clear way to attach it. Where can I get a real one ? or how do i attach this one not made for that purpose? any help appreciated. Also Im curious wether anyone has a preference on cleats vs straps for front line trimming off the chicken . thanks for all the advice - :?:

Postby knyfe » Sat May 21, 2005 6:43 pm

If the stopper balls can be devided in two halfs, just open it and put the line in the middle and screw it together. Done.

The position of the stopper ball from the bar should match ONE TIMES the length of your leading edge of your kite. Half the length should be fine too but just to stay on the safe side...

OR just do the 5th line thing. No tangle at all if you release and way the best safety and restart helper. But you should still have the "oh shit" handle in case the kite wraps itself into the 5th. I use the center strut as a 5th connection on my kites. Worked really well until now.

Otherwise no idea what you got as a stopper ball...

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Postby elli » Sat May 21, 2005 8:18 pm

I have a Naish line set that has a piece of vinyl tube (about 1 inch) as a stopper. The line wraps in a cut through the vinyl. Whatever you do, make sure the lines are equal after the installation.

As for center trim ñ IMHO the best thing you can get is the Airush trim. It is so good that kite stores that don't sell Airush kites have it. It's long, pull-pull, and way better quality than the Naish and Chabrina trims that are shots and cheaply made. I upgraded all my three bars, except for the Flysurfer which is of course super nice and (ridiculously) high quality. About $20. The Airush has nice short leaders that can you can extend and shorten in a clean way to compensate for line difference.

Having said that, some cleats have very long sheeting (Ozone comes to mind). I am not sure whether it is necessary, the Airush is longer than I need anyway.
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Postby dewey » Sat May 21, 2005 10:24 pm

The slingshot stopper ball works good. I got mine from Jeff at kitewindsurf in Alameda. Just screw the ball together on the line and that's that.

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