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New to the Bay Area/Rideshare Belmont

Post by jokieboy » Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:30 pm

After finding my way down to 3rd to check it out and getting some spare parts for the old slingshot, I am exited to get out on the water later this week (wind permitting). It's killing me to see you guys out surfing on the 3rd ave. webcam.. :cry:
Unfortunately, I'm stuck w/o a car and zipcars/carshare seems out of reach from Belmont (Carlmont) so I'm looking for buddies who live around here / passing by to go to 3rd (or elsewhere) and would appreciate some company and gas dollars.
I've been kiting for some years mostly in the south of Sweden (many sweet spots there) and enjoys flat water and wake-style riding. I'm up mainly for daytime riding since I'm taking evening classes.

Write me here of gimme a buzz at: 650-867-1822, I'd appreciate a ride over having to drag my gear on the bus.


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