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New kite coming soon

Postby elli » Sat Apr 16, 2005 1:37 am

Ozone is releasing a new water kite (foil, of course). Ozone is the name in snow kites with many titles and awesome kites. Chasta is the current snowkite world champ and if I am not mistaken holds the record of three kite loops in one jump (and many snowboard titles). Looks interesting.
Rob, Tom and Chasta have been in Norway for 3 weeks now working on a few exciting projects. One of those projects is a closed cell water kite ! Weíve been inundated with hundreds of requests since launching the Frenzy03 for us to make a water version...well the wait will soon be over

The guys have had a very intensive testing session the past month with a wide range of conditions helping them. Chasta is in love with the latest creation and will be heading back to Tahiti where he will be continuing the testing for us on the water throughout the summer. Rob is heading of to his base in Caberete where he will continue the design process, and Tom is heading out to our factory in Vietnam to continue some of the technical detail side and work on the new bar system for the water.

We are obviously stoked to have a water kite on the wayÖ.The guys have learnt a load of new tricks to improve the performance and handling thanks to this intensive trip. This will be Ozone's 1st release of a kite for the water.....we have never rushed into anything or hyped shit up so you can be sure when this baby is finally released late 05 its going to be a winner....
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