Technical summary

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Technical summary

Postby Xor » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:35 am


Before jumping in I asked ton of questions not covered or partially covered in "The Story" section and did my own research.
With Kyle's permission sharing it here for easy access.

Q: What this project is?
A: This project is clever lightweight mast and fuselage compatible with different wings.
Read more about motivation here: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=14776

Q: What is launch price?
A: $1500 for Plate or KFBox mast, fuselage and set of Jim Stringfellow's wings
$1200 for Plate or KFBox mast and fuselage without wings

Q: What customization options do I have?
A: 1. KFBox, Plate mount or Stringy QuickRelease baseplate (cost TBD)
2. One of 2 Stringywings models or use your own
3. One of 6 BAK Logos
More info here: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=14768

Q: Is it stiff enough?
A: Short answer is: bending stiffness and bending strength exceeds both aluminum and solid carbon benchmarked masts. Read more details: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=14774

Q: What if something breaks?
A: Lifetime structural warranty.
Kyle: I will repair or replace any masts that experience a structural failure under normal operating conditions as long as you are the original owner. If you run into a rock or sandbar, I will offer a repair or replacement services at a cost.

Q: What mounting options are available?
1. Plate mount
2. KF Box mount
3. Stringy QuickRelease baseplate (cost TBD)

Q: What are the production mast length and thickness?
A: 90 cm by ~17.5 mm

Q: What is the list of compatible wings?
A: 1. Jim Stringfellow's wings (
2. All liquid force wings (
3. Cloud 9 wings (

More wings options and compatibility with other systems (such as Slingshot GW) are planned, stay tuned.

Q: How does the weight of whole Project Cedrus foil with wings compares to comparable setups?
Project Cedrus with Rocket wings: 2.6 kg / 5 lb 11.68 oz
Liquid Force Rocket v2: 3.7 kg / 8 lb 3 oz

Project Cedrus with Happy Foil wings: 2.37 kg / 5 lb 4 oz
Liquid Force Happy Foil: 3.5 kg / 7 lb 11 oz
F-one freeride 90/800 aluminum: 1.38 (mast) + 0.47 (fuselage) + 1.05 (front wing)+ 0.24 (stabilizer) = 3.14 kg / 6 lb 15 oz
F-one freeride 90/900 aluminum: 1.38 (mast) + 0.47 (fuselage) + 0.78 (front wing) + 0.24 (stabilizer) = 2.87 kg / 6 lb 5 oz

Project Cedrus with default stringy wings: 2.6 kg / 5 lb 11.68 oz

Other reference weights:
Slingshot Ghost Whisper 91: 2.7 kg / 6.0 lbs
F-one race carbon 95: 1.50 (mast) + 0.40 (fuselage) + 0.64 (front wing) + 0.18 (stabilizer) = 2.72 kg / 6 lb
Good-bye... and hello... as always!
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