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A nearly two year endeavor where I set out to create a new and better composite hydrofoil. Read the full story here, and become a launch customer today!

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Postby BayAreaKite » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:45 am

Boeing does not officially fund a new airplane program until signing up a “Launch Customer.” Often in exchange for significant discounts, and to have input on the final product design, the Launch Customer formally converts the program from an R&D related expense to a product, triggering a big change to accounting, schedule, and staffing. Project Cedrus has simply been R&D for me, but now I’m excited to officially launch serial production. So far, this project has been entirely self funded, and I’d like to thank my wife for her support and willingness to take this risk with me.

I’m asking friends and members of the BAK community to be my Launch Customers. This is not a kickstarter; the process and product have been validated and I expect to begin delivering as early as this spring. There is no budget for marketing, all revenue is invested directly into tooling, materials, and manufacturing. With a small down payment from Launch Customers, I will kickoff my production tooling and procure necessary materials. I have no idea what will happen after this initial run. Depending on how challenging order fulfillment and customer service is, I may never sell another foil again! Project Cedrus could live on in the form of other brands as OEM, or it could remain a collectors item:) Hopefully, all goes smoothly and this can remain a side project for me.

The launch customer price of Project Cedrus is $1500. I am asking for a deposit of $300 to lock your production unit. Checks will not be cashed until 20 orders have been placed, and I am limiting the initial production run at 30 units. Each unit will be hand made in Oregon with a unique serial number. As a Launch Customer, you will have much input on your foil and work directly with me to select some of the options below:

1. Logo. There will be 6 options for the logo. Basically each of the 5 BAK sites with a foil (instead of TT or surfboard). I’m also adding a 6th for the PNW: replacing the skis in the Snowkite logo with a foil board.
Custom Decals
Cedrus_Decals.png (67.2 KiB) Viewed 1120 times

2. Mounting Bracket: Chose from KF or 4-bolt plate as standard. Or, upgrade to the Stringy QR baseplate (cost TBD) or depending on complexity and quantity, I could potentially design something custom for you like a tuttle box or Deep KF adapter.
Mounting Brackets (Plate + KF)
Launch_Brackets.jpg (174.71 KiB) Viewed 1120 times

3. Wings: Stringy has two models of wings, and you will get to pick your desired style. More details on that soon.

Now for the Disclaimers:

1. Delivery date. I am targeting a spring delivery of the first units. I realize that is subjective, as it could technically be as early as early as March or as late as June. I’m also not saying how many units will be delivered in the spring and when the others will follow. My goal is to have tooling in hand by March, with layups and fabrication in April, delivering the first units in May. But because I am relying on other people for this tooling, I am subject to their schedules. I kicked off tooling for my prototype mast in October, and was clear coating the final assembly in January. I know my schedule is reasonable, but I also know delays and manufacturing challenges are common. If you’re worried about delays or not having a foil for your summer season, please don’t buy one. I’m focused on the technical aspects of manufacturing, not schedule. This is not my full time job, and regardless I can’t control the schedules of my vendors. Any customers angry about delays will be immediately refunded, and the foil will go to the next person in line:)

2. Lifetime structural warranty. I don’t consider these prototypes anymore, but because they are early production units, I want to offer Launch Customers a unique warranty. I will repair or replace any masts that experience a structural failure under normal operating conditions as long as you are the original owner. If you run into a rock or sandbar, I will offer a repair or replacement services at a cost. Trust me, I’ve repaired a lot of foils and I know the difference between normal use and abuse. Also, this is a precision tool and requires care under ownership. If you don’t rinse the foil, grease your fasteners, or remove aluminum brackets when not in use (to prevent corrosion and seizing), reduce unnecessary heat and UV radiation exposure, damage will not be covered under warranty. A structural failure must occur in the main carbon box and/or aluminum fittings that are responsible for primary loads. Again we’ve got over a year of testing on the prototypes and I don’t expect any failures, but if there are I promise to make it right.

3. WIP. Project Cedrus is still a work in progress. I’m finalizing details like decal sizes, fuselage insert colors, anodizing, and more. But it’s gotten to a point for me where I can’t keep this going unless I know there’s a market, but I don’t know if there’s a market unless I start marketing them! Anyway, I will keep all Launch Customers apprised of my progress and try to include them in decisions affecting their product. However, the final product may look slightly different from my prototype, so I want you to be aware. Again, this is a hand made, there may be some small flaws or details that differ among the units, but I can promise the best foil you’ve ever ridden:)

There will be some other benefits, but again I’m still working on the details. To become a Launch Customer, email me cedrus@bayareakiteboarding.com for more details.
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