Nose grab Frontside 720

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Nose grab Frontside 720

Post by OliverG » Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:27 am

The 720 has been described by Aaron Hadlow as one of the hardest tricks in kiteboarding. Here Andre Phillip throws in a Nose Grab for good measure.


Key pointers
Step 1 Look for a good-sized wave that will buy you some first-class air time.
Step 2 Flatten off and get a clean pop off the ramp.
Step 3 Pull hard and spin to win. It helps to watch the horizon go around to keep yourself on axis.
Step 4 Spot the runway and pull out your landing gear.

Common Mistake and Correction
Common mistake is to try a 7 as if you are spinning two 360’s. If you haven’t committed to spinning a full 7 off the bat then you probably will never get all the way around. Commit from the take off!!

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