Skimboard Varial Flip

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Skimboard Varial Flip

Post by OliverG » Sun Oct 25, 2009 8:25 am

“Any tips for landing the impossible?”


I’m going to have to say “complete luck.” Because if I can land it, anyone can. Seriously, a skimboard Varial Flip requires basic fundamentals like any other trick. For the Varial Flip, you need a solid Ollie, and it helps to have your Pop Shove-it transition down so you know what to do when the board is in the air. You must be aggressive on the Ollie and pop it almost to the point where you think your skimmy will fly away.
It helps if the wind is only 10 to 15 mph, so your skimmy doesn’t get blown away from you. Then, like any other strapless trick, with a little luck—or in my case, a lot—you’ll ride away feeling good.
This trick simply evolved from the other tricks I do; it felt like the next natural progression. I get a lot of inspiration from skaters, skimmers and surfers. YouTube college! —Lonny Morris

Lonny Morris is sponsored by Cabrinha and Diamond photo

Here is a short kite skimboard video from Lonny Morris and Todd Greaux in Florida.[/video]

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