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La Ventana report

PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:00 pm
by bdawg
Hey all,

I got to go to La ventana Thanksgiving 2004. I ended up going with two other guys that I met here on BAK. (thanks BAK). We flew into cabo SJD. It was a non stop from SFO on alaska. So that was cool. total flight time was 2:38. how sweet is that. The NSI deceiver bags got through with no problems at all. Our first problem was getting a car in cabo. The little VW that they gave us wasn't going to cut it so we had to upgrade to a 4 door pickup. (If more than two people going expect this.) We stayed at baja joes ( ). A good tip I got from their site was to get a AAA map for baja. It helped us big time. Finding the short cut dirt road out of San Antonio (no not texas smart ass) was kinda tricky. We actually passed it but trusted the map and asked a local and they did their best to point the way.

Use caution driving on the dirt road as we launched our little truck at the bottom of one of the dips where a seasonal stream crosses the road. My suitcase of clothes got ejected from the back. Oops. We ended up bending one of the back rims on the truck. Double oops.

The road trip to L.V. took about 3 hours. FYI.

Staying at baja joes is all about being laided back and relaxing. (the big party group left the day after we got there :-( Everything is chill though. I can guarantee you there is no place in cabo san lucas where you can't lock the door to your room when you leave. I'm so used to California living so it took me a day or two to stop tripping on that.

The wind ended up being on, off, on, off, then way on for the days we were there. The way on day was the first day of "El Norte" basically some big ass storm that comes from the north. The swell was huge (i'm not used to that kiting out of Sherman) approx 4'-6' during the el norte.

Also go to L.V. for the food. Oh and the price of the food too. My we ate out everyday sometimes 2 times a day. It's like $7 a person for a sit down dinner. And it's ok to bring your own beer to dinner. The Giggling Marlin (la paz) is actually south of L.V. 1/2 hour.

My favorite taco:

I'd say L.V. is not a desolete beach. It could get crowded at times during your tacks. When I counted kites on the water my max was 35.
A local instructor told me he has counted 75. He says it get like that during like xmas and new years. Here is an over head of the beach:

Here is another:

Ok I'm wrapping this up.
Other things i would have liked to do but didn't in L.V:
1. Go into La Paz
2. Go snokeling at the lighthouse.
3. Go to hot springs. (ask about this)
4. Do a fatty down winder from the hot springs

I hope this helps. Ask questions if you got 'em!


PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 5:10 pm
by OliverG
Sounds like an awesome trip, Blair. I like the pic of you getting the free tequila shot. I thought you said you didn't drink, or was that just beer?
Anyway, you're entered in the contest!