Kiteboarding in the Bahamas (Exuma)

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Kiteboarding in the Bahamas (Exuma)

Postby Ata » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:16 am

My husband and I went to Exuma back in November. The place was recommended to us by one of Sherman Island kiters. Needless to say it was a truly amazing trip.

We booked out flights via Delta airlines and packed our bags including our NSI golf bag which was free of charge (didn't even have to pretend we were golfers ;)). We had only one connecting flight in Atlanta. The total trip time was about 9hrs (including pretty long 4 hr layover in Atlanta).

We stayed at a lovely house right on the beach rented via ( We had entire 2nd floor just for ourselves, which was more than enough. We could sleep at least 2 more people there.

One of the best kiting spots that's super easy to get to, is Coco Plum Beach. Nice shallow, crystal clear blue water (waist deep during high tide). Perfect for beginners (as myself) and advanced (as my husband). If you can't go upwind quite yet you can just walk back upwind without getting out of the water. We visited this beach a few times. Super fun and only 10-15 min drive from our rental.

After a few days of Kiting on Coco Plum Beach we decided to try something different and booked two kiteventure trips with local instructor Gary from Exuma Kitesurfing (

1. Crystal Kiteventure: Sand bar rolling kickers and super flatwater. My husband loved it. Great wind and super flat water. I was not a fan to be honest because 3 inches of water didn't seem quite enough for me. At this point I wasn't able to go upwind yet, and ended up walking my kite a lot. I'm not going it complain though. It was still good learning experience.

2. Sapphire Kiteventure: Remote sandbar with flatwater in pristine conditions. That was definitely my favorite spot, mainly because it was the first time I learned how to go upwind, and didn't have to walk my kite I ended up kiting for 3 hrs straight. It was incredible.
Kieventures were pretty spendy but definitely worth it.

As for food...well we just cooked every day. There was a grocery shop 2 min drive away, and it was just pretty convenient to get food from there and prepare it ourselves in our fully equipped kitchen. As for just have to try Bahama Mama (it will rock your socks!!!).

As for transportation, I would definitely recommend to get a rental car. The best way to get around.

p.s. Fun fact, US dollar = Bahamian dollar, and they are used interchangeably.
View of the sandbar we kiteboarded by during our Sapphire Kiteventure
IMG_20161119_121241.jpg (895.94 KiB) Viewed 2194 times
Coco Plum Beach
IMG_1498.JPG (2 MiB) Viewed 2194 times
Hubby doing tricks
IMG_1395.JPG (1.45 MiB) Viewed 2194 times
Myself just cruising
IMG_1519.JPG (972.25 KiB) Viewed 2194 times
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