Antigua (Caribbean)

Want to plan a kiting trip? Just got back from one? Post you experiences, questions and information here.
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Antigua (Caribbean)

Post by dontfeedthenerd » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:04 pm

Just spent 11 days in Antigua. Some of the 3rd Ave crew as well as some other Bay Area kiters were also around during this trip so they can probably chime in as well.

You can usually find a solid flight through AA routing through Miami. Total transit time isn't terrible, hovering around 10 Hours. Antigua is a tropical Island in the Carribbean, originally a British colony. They take USD which makes our lives easier.

Wind Season
Although June is their windiest month, best conditions are usually in late January/early February. Bring your big kites. Most common kite used is a 10m with 12m not far behind.

I highly suggest staying at Dutchman's Bay apartments. David runs a nice establishment, there's an awesome Italian restaurant and cafe (Garden Grill) next door. You can pretty much kite straight off your back yard and the location is super close to Jabberwock (the main kite spot). Close enough that a downwinder is easily done from Dutchman's to Jabberwock.

Email is, tell him that Leo sent you and he'll usually give you a nice deal.

I also highly suggest renting a car. While you can take a cab from airport to Dutchman's pretty damn easily, it's still nice to be mobile and there are some other spots that do require cars to access. Also keep in mind island internet sorta sucks, although Dutchman's should be getting fiber in the next year or so.

Kite Spots

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Jabba is going to be your main spot, works in all wind directions. There's a nice reef that you'll have to watch out for, but it's easily visible. The reef provides some nice flats to play in, otherwise venture out for some nice goofy sided wave kickers.
Speaking of kickers there's usually a Kicker set up by the Tona team here.
For spot info hit up Adam Anton at Kitesurf Antigua.

Half Moon Bay
The "Wave spot". Works on a SE wind. Waves break quickly and hit like a motherfucker.

Coco Point Barbuda
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You'll have to charter a boat to get here, but so very much worth it. Wind is straight offshore but that means there just butter in front of the sandbar. Some of the most gorgeous conditions I have ever kited in.
Check out this quick vid clip if you really need convincing.
This is video I took of Dre foiling here:[/video]

Hit up Adam Anton at Kitesurf Antigua ( to figure out boat , or Stevie Mendes with Barefoot Antigua (

Random Island Exploring
Totally an option if you can charter a boat. Hit up Stevie Mendes at Barefoot Antigua ( if this is the route you're interested in taking. There's tons of spots to explore.

Non Kiting Stuff to do

There's plenty to do on the island. Scuba on the leeward side on non windy days is an option, as is more "touristy" stuff like Stingray City (pet and feed stingrays.) One of my main "must sees" though is Shirley Heights. It's essentially a giant sunset party every Sunday and Thursday night on a cliff that overlooks English Harbor. Cost of entry is $10 USD, and the view is spectacular. The Rum Punch is cheap and sneaky strong. I'm pretty sure after 2 you stop noticing the sunset, or really anything else at all.
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One thing to note, Antigua runs on island time, don't expect prompt and quick service even if you're grabbing something to go.

Near Jabberwock there's a Shwarma place called Casanova which is probably going to be one of your best options for a quick lunch after a session. There's also a couple of food stands located within the university right next to Jabberwock. These will be cash only.

If you feel fancy, make a reservation at Le Bistro for dinner and make sure you order the crepes. Le Bistro is one of the fancier places on the island, but well worth every penny. Solid French cuisine. I also highly recommend the Escargot.

I also highly recommend Papa Zouk's which is a tad bit of a drive away from the Jabberwock area. They're a seafood restaurant that's been around forever. A Local favorite with fresh seafood and a great selection. I definitely recommend the Tapa's platter here as well as the Rum Punch. The Owner is great at recommending things that are fresh and often has specials based on the catch of the day.

For a date spot, Trade Winds provides an awesome sunset view. Their homemade, fresh ground beef, burgers hit the spot after a long day of kiting.
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Re: Antigua (Caribbean)

Post by Kyle » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:48 am

Thanks Leo! PM me your shirt size or hat preference and I'll get it in the mail ASAP SS$$.

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