La Ventana December 2016: Adopt a dog with Bark for Baja!

Want to plan a kiting trip? Just got back from one? Post you experiences, questions and information here.
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La Ventana December 2016: Adopt a dog with Bark for Baja!

Post by halibut » Sun Jan 08, 2017 9:53 am

a Ventana Trip Report
Dec 6-22 2016
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Best trip to LV in the four years I’ve been going. We had solid wind 14 of 16 days there. I’m 142 lbs and flew 7m or 9m every day. I’d planned on staying at a friend’s house but knew he was running late driving down so I booked space at Kurt N Marina for the first week. We ended up staying there the entire time. Centrally located, great food, fantastic staff and incredibly friendly and supportive group staying there. Everybody was pushing each other and shared advice on technique and gear. Community kitchen makes for a really social environment which to me was as great as the time on the water.
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The launch there can get a little crowded. You are smack in the middle of the two biggest kite schools -Playa Central and Baja Joes. That being said it’s pretty easy to head upwind near Captain Kirks/“Generals” or down wind to the “bufador” and have all the space you need. Just be aware that since the bay curves to the east down wind you’ll be kiting in direct on shore wind. Not a good place to lose a board in the surf. The upside is that you can make 3 or 4 super long tacks and be back where you started in no time.
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We had marginal swell most of the time but did get one day with waist to shoulder high breaking waves up and down the coast. Supper fun.
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We chose to spend our no wind day mountain biking at the cactus garden south of town near the lagoon called La Bocana. We rented bikes from Ventana Windsports just up wind from Baja Joes. Excellent bikes but expensive to rent IMHO. $70/day. We did have an epic ride though. Stunning views of the Sea of Cortez, exciting single track and a lovely variety of native cactus. Go early as it can get warm by 10 am.
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I wore my 3/2 shorty for the majority of my sessions but I did break out the full suit a few times. Good to have as it gets cooler in Jan and Feb.

Best part of the trip is that we adopted a wonderful dog from Bark for Baja ... for%20baja
We couldn’t take her home on our flight but a friend booked a last minute flight on Virgin to SFO on 12/26 and we had her that night.
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Re: La Ventana December 2016 Report

Post by Kyle » Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:18 pm

great report, congrats on your new dog! My wife is super jealous. We REALLY want to adopt a dog down there but rent, and landlord says no pets:-/

PM me your address and your desired BAK swag item (Hat, T) and logos/size!

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