Hiring kiteboarding instructors - San Francisco Bay Area

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Hiring kiteboarding instructors - San Francisco Bay Area

Postby Boardsports » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:01 pm

Hiring kiteboarding instructors - San Francisco Bay Area

We hope some of you can join our team as kiting
instructors! Here are some of the benefits of teaching kiting>

1) share your passion with others
2) help inspire and bring others into the sport you love
3) give back to the kiting community by giving someone professional
certified lessons where safety is the focus
4) get great deals on your gear (pro deals for full time instructors,
other discounts for part time instructors)
5) have fun teaching and hanging out with the boardsports crew/team

If you are interested in exploring a part time or full time instructor position with our team, please send us some information about your experience and interest in teaching>

-how many years have you been kiting?

-what level are you at and what are you working on?

-have you taught any sports before? if yes, which ones and when?

-do you have current instructor certification - IKO? PASA? what level?

-what is your level of interest in teaching with Boardsports - full time? part time?

-where do you live and what location would work best for you to teach with us? alameda or san mateo?

We would also love the following information from you:
-full name
-cell number
-favorite riding spot
-current gear quiver

Thanks a ton and we look forward to hearing from you!
The Boardsports Team


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