The REAL cost of drugs.....

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The REAL cost of drugs.....

Postby Greg » Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:26 pm

Hopefully everybody has read some of the reports coming out of Mexico:

Want to SEE and understand some of what's coming down the pike in the BUSINESS of NARCO-TERRORISM??, Watch the film , "Silver or LEAD".

For those looking to vacation in Mexico in the coming YEARS, I suggest watching this film and PLEASE TRAVEL LOW-PROFILE!
For those that want to see what the real costs of STREET DRUGS are.... and,
For those that live ANYWHERE there are GANG-activities in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.. WATCH this film!

Remember: We (public) are RECEIVING ONLY a PORTION of the INFORMATION about this ESCALATION! This lack of information is due to the MANY PRESSURES and IMPLICATIONS of REPORTING on this TOPIC...

The list of MURDER'S is STAGGERING...
It's estimated that 80% of the Mexican POLICE and MILITARY are on the dole (taking money to "turn a blind eye"). By taking a "job" with NARCO'S, officials reportedly make 1000 times what they make working for the goverment.... FOR EXAMPLE: A Military officer (MEXICO) stands to make $50,000 for letting a shipment pass, and AMERICAN Border Control Officer might be offered 1/2 a Million US dollars to pass a large shipment...

Their message is clear and simple:
Take the money or die
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