Needin' a new place to live!

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Needin' a new place to live!

Post by ozreiuosn » Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:30 pm

Hey guys!

So due to circumstances out of my control, I'm left to find a new place to live. I'm quite bummed as living in Alameda has been a dream come true.

If you know of anyone needing a roommate/other leads I'd greatly appreciate it! And if it's been that long since we saw each other last season, it's me, Lora, from BSS, usually on the 12m blue Naish Ride.

Bulletin: Needing Some Housing
(just spreading my note around anywhere I can, thanks in advance!)

So I’m needing a new place to move to by the end of the month. I was hoping you knew of some awesome place or friend that’s got a space available. Ideally I’d like to stay in Alameda, but I know that’s going to be next to impossible. I’d lovelovelove to live in West Oakland, but realistically I’ll take anywhere I can get. I can afford $800 a month, I got the chillest cat ever (eamb can vouch for her) I smoke weed, I’d like it if I could play my horn, but other than that I have soaring references that can attest how great it’d be to have me as a tenant/roommate. Other asides, I work hard, play hard, I wouldn’t be home most of the time (especially with the kitesurfing season coming up), I do have a few friends that come over. If there was a lot of storage space, that’d be even most awesomer cause I got my SUP board and other surfing equipment.

Thanks for taking the time check this over and any kind of hint of a lead would be appreciated. Good vibes are also welcomed and encouraged.
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