[East Bay] - Franks Tract State Recreation Area

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[East Bay] - Franks Tract State Recreation Area

Postby kite2017 » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:13 am

Has anyone kited this before? Is it kiteable on a foil?
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Re: [East Bay] - Franks Tract State Recreation Area

Postby Yoda » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:25 pm

I don't know of any safe launch spots. With the wind predominantly blowing from the W-SW, it would require launching either on the N, S, or E side of the Tract which are all inaccessible levies and farmland from what I know. Nothing stands out on GMaps either.
I found this info online:
"Franks Tract "island" is mostly 5-7 feet deep. The charted depth should mean the middle is full of Egeria (that nasty water weed). The NW "corner" is indicated at 1-3 feet deep."

Tides can affect the water levels there and with all that Egeria Densa, foilboarding will probably be not ideal or not an option.

When I saw your thread title, I did a double take since Frank's Tract is not located in the East Bay.
Just for clarification (and precision), anything on the West side of the Carquinez Straight extending down to Alameda is called the "East Bay" (San Pablo Bay & San Francisco Bay). Areas East of the CS are called the "Delta" (Suisun Bay, Grizzly Bay, Honker Bay, Sherman Lake, Franks Tract, etc).
Edit: A lot of people do consider Suisun & Grizzly Bay as "East Bay". Kite places like Benicia, Pittsburg and Point Buckler are located within here. Technically it's the Delta, but it's located right at the main transition area going from river to ocean (Carquinez Straight).
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Re: [East Bay] - Franks Tract State Recreation Area

Postby opie » Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:34 pm

A friend tried it and said it was a disaster because he ended up with so much grass on his lines after dropping the kite he and his buddy couldn't get it off and had to give up.
One thing about the depth, it changes year to year. I remember a few years ago crossing in a boat and it being just a couple of feet deep most of the way, but last time I fished there it seemed to average closer to ten. You'd be kiting from a boat which would make dealing with the grass not easy.
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Re: [East Bay] - Franks Tract State Recreation Area

Postby kitecrazy » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:33 am

I took my first and only lesson at Franks Tract back when Scott from Windsurf Del Valle gave kite lessons. Went out on a boat to the little island that is often under water on the west end. Got my ass kicked all the way across the open area on an early Naish R3 back in 2002.
Boat access only and not for a beginner for sure. Don't do it unless you have someone remaining on the boat to pick you up if there's a problem or the wind dies.

Wouldn't bother without foils and wouldn't want to risk a foil if I owned one.
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Re: [East Bay] - Franks Tract State Recreation Area

Postby naters1308 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:18 pm

You can kite Frank's and Little Frank's. All boat launches through. I wouldn't foil because of the lack of depth and weeds unless you are in False River where Johnny did the Delta Ditch last week.
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