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bdawg wrote:
EmilyE wrote:Try They're new this year and great kites at an inexpensive price

I appreciate the link and the info. I looked up the prices and have to disagree about the inexpensive. If i was paying $730 for a complete 5.0 banshee or $710 for complete 5.0 chimara i would just go and get an Ozone. The price doesn't really justify inexpensive in my opinion.

Before you write them off as not being Ozone... do yourself a favour and try one! We're snowkiting in the Czech Republic with Chimeras, Banshees and Frenzys and the response from the kiters are interesting to say the least...

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Anonymous wrote:and the response from the kiters are interesting to say the least...
how interesting? The way you stated it interesting could be positive or negative.


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Post by elli » Sat Jan 29, 2005 5:19 am

I started with foils, this is what I can recommend:

The problem with some open cell kites in stability. Go for the stable ones as the wind inland is not as clear as on the water.

The stable and reliable foil kites are Buster, Samuari and to a certain extent Beamer. Buster is a super beginner kite, you will get on your feet quicker. This is my favorite kite. None of these kites can fly on water and they fly on handles.

There are more advanced kites, like the Blade. Blade is more advanced (big air kind of kite) and I will not recommend as your first kite. It is also not as stable as the ones above, have a lot of power but no depower and very expensive.

The second type is depowerable foil on a bar. Much more expensive, but this is what you really need at some point. The most popular is Frenzy (from other people I heard use the 05 and not earlier versions, no personal experience). I heard good reviews on Pegas kites and there is a new Flexifoil and North this year. You can also depower the Buster, which I am working on now, but the results of this experiment are yet to be determined.

The last category if water relaunchable foils. These kites have depower and fly on a bar. Here Peter Lynn kites and Flysurfer rule (and not because I have them!). These can be flown on land and water. What I like about them is the safety, water relaunch capability and better efficiency than LEIs.

Peter Lynn kites are foils (closed cell) that look like LEI, they have the arc shape with no bridle. They are known for super stability and big air.
Flysurfers look like regular foils and are probably the top (definitely in price). Flysurfers are not kites, they are works of art.

Users of these kites report that they will not fly anything else, I am still trying to make up my mind.

There are more specialized ones, like buggy race kites, not really recommended for a board.

And you can also use an LEI which obviously works better on water than on land. I think the new trend of snow kites put some pressure on LEI makers. Some came up with dedicated open cell foils for snow (North Husky, Flexifoil Sabre), some modified LEIs for snow (Cabrinha Element) and some just changed their marketing blurbs to include the word "snow".

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We may be able to help you out. Give us a shout at We have all the latest info in the snow kite world.

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