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Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 2:26 pm
by KillaHz
heatdish wrote:so, killahz... if i were to go snowkiting in tahoe, and i were to buy a frenzy ozone 05, what size kite would you recommend? is 7m a good size for "average" conditions?
Depends on how much you way and what kind of board you are going to use. The thing about snowkiting is that you need much less kite to get going in the snow b/c of the lack of resistence (instant planing) yet you can hold down much more kite due to your really sharp edge. So depending on what you want to do, you would use different kites. I am 180 lbs. and I use a 162 snowboard. My average foil in the snow will be the Ozone 9m. there will be days that I would probably want a 7m and days where I may want an 11m but the money kite will definetly be the 9m.

With inflateables, I could make a 12m work from 10mph average up to 20 mph average if that gives you any idea. The winds can be quite gusty up here but unlike water kiteing you can rig for the gusts up here. In lulls you just use your apparent wind and glide of the board to keep the power.

Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 7:21 pm
by KillaHz
Well, the wind never cam eup today and it actually turned in to a nice sunny afternoon. Will se if the snow lasts as a lot has allready started to melt. I have a couple spots in mind that should last atleast a day as long as it doesn't rain. The winds are supposed to be good tomorrow so we'll see.

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 7:44 am
by fearlu
This just in from Ozone...

The Ozone Snowkite Freeride tour is coming to an area near you this winter. The Ozone Team will host Snowkite sessions at locations across the country, providing Free kites to test fly, Free instruction from Pro Riders, and Freeriding Ozone Style.

The Ozone Freeride tour is the most intensive Snowkite assault North America has ever seen. Building on several years of Snowkiting road trips and regional tours, we have now launched one massive nationwide tour bringing Power to the People with Ozone Snowkites. Traveling over 40,000 miles during the next six months of winter, the Ozone Team will hit locations across the country taking Snowkiting one-step closer to the public.

The Ozone Snowkite Freeride Tour encompasses all known Snowkite events, including freestyle competitions, backcountry kite tours and local kite clinics. There is something for every rider of every skill level. The Snowkite Freeride tour also joins forces with the Telefair tour to combine kites with Tele skiing at several spots along the way. Come join Brian Schenck, Guillaume "Chasta" Chastignol, Ken Lucas, Paul Menta and Eli Anderson for a Snowkite session in your backyard.

Ozone Powerkites are providing a fleet of modern Snowkites for the Freeride Tour, including dual line trainer kites, the quad line Samurai kite with brake-safety and reverse launch capabilities, and the new Frenzy 05 with on the fly Power Control. This is your opportunity to come try snowkiting and the leading products for yourself.

Check the Tour schedule, find a location near you, take the weekend off, and come Snowkite with Americas Original Snowkite Company. For detailed info on times and locations, please contact us.

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:11 am
by KillaHz
Yeah, I believe Ozone is coming to Tahoe in Dec.

THis would be your opportunity to see some guys who are inventing the sport of snow kiting, go out and rip. They will also be demoing new gear and doing micro clinics. I am in contact with them and working to make sure that when they are hear, we make the best out of it. This opportunity does not arrise very often, so take advantage and get up here for the tour.

I will start a new thread with detail/dates when we get a little closer.

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:00 am
by Guest
California Demo dates are...
January 15-16 Tahoe, CA
January 22-23 Mammoth, CA

drooling a little

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 6:10 pm
by RobsterCraw
That sounds like a very interesting thing to go be a part of,
The way it sounds is that any one can show up and get a chance to kite, Of course since i'm still new to kiteboarding I wonder how much expierience I should have before trying this out. It almost sounds like its not as hard as kiting in the water because you don't need as much force to move so you can use pretty small tame kites. Am I right?

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 6:55 pm
by Guest
Yes... and no.

I doubt they'll be handing over traction kites to novices and when you're learning I think getting worked in the water may be your preference. I don't mean to sound unkind 'cuz we've all been beginners/novices, but I think you may want to wait 'til spring (or go to LaVentana)! Even if it's a powder day.

That said, I've never kited on snow so I'm no expert.

Re: It's dumping!

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:49 pm
by bdawg
fearlu wrote:Gabe,
You got extra foilers in the fat-guy size? I've been snowbarding since '88 so I think I may be able to do it now that I have some kite skills. I'll buy the beer for a guided tour if you're willing to show me the ropes. Maybe you should sponsor a Sherman Crew demo day and we can PARTY like the Canadian Snowboard Team!
Gabe and Fearlu I'd love to be included in this "local clinic". If Fearlu has got your beer then I got your phat steak or what ever. I'll even volenteer to be kite bitch to get a chance to absorb some knowledge. Please keep me in the loop.


Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 11:09 pm
by KillaHz
KillaHz wrote:Well, the wind never cam eup today and it actually turned in to a nice sunny afternoon. Will se if the snow lasts as a lot has allready started to melt. I have a couple spots in mind that should last atleast a day as long as it doesn't rain. The winds are supposed to be good tomorrow so we'll see. was the day. We drove about 20 minutes to one of our favorite spots Red Lakes Ridge across the hwy from Kirkwood. My firends all skinned up on their skis in about 25 minutes while I post-holed up to my waist for almost a thousand feet of verticle in about an hour. The wind was light. I flew a 14m. The wind actually shifted directions after about a half an hour as the remains of the storm blew out. We had climbed over 1000 feet and kited even more, so at least we had our selves a nice 10 minute 1000 verticle+ snowboard session in fresh pow. The great thing about snow kiting is that even when the conditions don't quite line up, your still standing over 10,000 feet in one of the most beautiful places in the world and there's no one else there but your boys.

I gotta find my snow shoes b/c that hike is not doable without them.

Coming down to the bay for the weekend so won't be taking advantage of the snowkiting this weekend. The season is on it's way and Tahoe is a huge playground.

Please keep the info rolling...

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 11:49 pm
by Guest
Please keep the info rolling... I cannot wait to get out and try to kite on snow. :lol: