Snowkiting on Grass Lake, South Lake Tahoe

Winter snowkiting topics and locations.
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Snowkiting on Grass Lake, South Lake Tahoe

Post by jennalanger » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:15 am

What are the right conditions for a day of snowkiting at Grass Lake? I spent a weekend with Tyler and crew at Sierra Snowkite last year, but I just bought a place in South Lake. I drove by Grass Lake and it looks like a great open meadow.

I'd love to get a crew together when the conditions are right to snowkite at Grass Lake. From Highway 50, it's south on 89, just north of where 88 meets up.

Has anyone been there before? I'm wondering...
- Where to people park/start?
- How much snow needs to be on the ground and how cold? I've hold it can melt in the spring.
- Where does the wind come from?
- What size kites do people use there?
- Anything else?

I'm eager for more snow, and had an amazing time snowkiting last winter and can't wait to get back out there! Would be nice to have some people familiar with the area to follow around :)

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Re: Snowkiting on Grass Lake, South Lake Tahoe

Post by KGB Kiteboarding » Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:32 am

Jenna great questions. The fact is there is no snow coverage so far this season. Once we get at least a couple dumps of 2+ ft then a base layer will build up making a good snowkiting base pack. Then wait for 6-12" of powder on top to make it fun and safe. Here is a link to my website with some info on all the popular Tahoe snowkiting locations, there are maps and info on directions etc. Use the LL coordinates from the Google map links here to find real time wind on the NOAA site.
Have fun!
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