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Kiteboarding Research

Postby Kevin » Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:14 pm

There has been some discussion on several forums regarding the Kiteboarding Survey that was recently posted.

Firstly I encourage you to undertake the Kiteboarding Survey, the results are going to help give us a little more insight into our sport and I hope maybe keep us on the water doing what we do best.

PrimarilyÖthe results may help in the design of sport specific conditioning and/or rehabilitation programs that combine balance, strength, flexibility and stability training specific to kiteboarding. I have worked on rehabilitating kiteboarders after significant shoulder, spinal and knee surgeries. Through their input and guidance, we have jointly set up rehabilitation strategies that place them under realistically similar forces and loads found when kiteboarding ensuring them a safe return to their sport.

The survey can be accessed at;

Rehabilitation needs to be sports specific; one must understand the unique circumstances faced in kiteboarding and not give a kiteboarder a rehabilitation protocol set up for a tennis player! Research affords us an in-depth look into sports and factors that lead to extended or shortened participation.

This study has categorically no association with any manufactures, distributors or marketers of kiteboarding equipment, neither does it have any association with any legal or insurance based companies.

Thanks again for your support.

Kevin Kemp-Smith (Principal Investigator)
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