Hurricane John Photos - Southern Baja

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Hurricane John Photos - Southern Baja

Postby W84Wind » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:51 pm

Angie and I took a long quad runner ride yesterday. We tried to check on as many homes as possible.
Unfortunately, between the impassable roads, and the locked gates, we couldnít get to many.

We have posted additional photos at Click Here for Photos

Please pass this on to others in our community.

The hurricane reached Category 4 winds of 115 knots at its peak, but had subsided to around a Category 3 of +/-100 knots by the time it landed here.
Supposedly, it tracked right between the island and here. (see more hurricane data at the bottom of the email)

The homes and property all seemed to hold up well. Most all structures appear intact
The properties on the east side of the highway took it the hardest.
The plants and trees on the beach side homes got decimated.
If your home is on the east side of the highway and lacks window protection, then there is a good chance that you have some broken windows.
Palapa roofs usually have a little damage, tile roofs as well. Tin roofs often failed.
Water and sand made it into almost every home. Sand got forced through the smallest cracks and around the window frames.
If you know someone who can air out your home, it would be a good thing.

Unfortunately, Angie and Joe are not available to assist with repairs, as they have extensive damage and cleanup to get their hotel back together.

The real problems are with the infrastructure.
All the restaurants seemed to have been hit really hard.
The roads have washed out along with tons of soil that they once sat on.
More power and phone lines are down than are up.
The water pipes are exposed, broken and completely washed away in sections.
Most of the road past El Sargento is passable only with a 4x4 as the arroyos washed through the road and left soft sand.
The Hot Springs road is completely gone. I could not even navigate it on the quad.

As we drove through the street on the quads Sunday, all the people were already busy with the cleanup.
People were helping each other, and most are smiling ñ even the ones with extensive damage.

The people of La Ventana and El Sargento are wonderful. The communities are supportive and resilient.
But you know that, that is why we all live hereÖ

Hasta Luego
Brian Geasa


Here is one graphic:
A Graph of the Path

And a really informative graphic at:
Graphic from NOAA
Watch the orange ball ñ that is the track of the hurricane
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The Posse Has Arrived

Postby W84Wind » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:55 pm

This will probably be my last update, as I am heading back to the USA tomorrow.

I have posted additional photos of The Repair Work, Los Planes and other items of interest at Click for Photos . As always, please pass this on to others in our community.

For those of you that still need assistance with your properties, Edgar of Ventana Windsurf has also offered his services, for hire, to coordinate cleanup efforts. 011-52-612-114-0065 or .

Things are slowly returning to normal. There have been many government vehicles and aircraft surveying the damage, and getting things rolling.

CFE has crews from every state in Mexico working here (see the photos). The electricity will be back up in a week or so. Unfortunately, SAPA has not been as quick to respond, so water may be longer in getting here. Phones are working ñ if your lines were not knocked down. My phone is down, and Telmex is no where in site.

Joe & Angie at Baja Joe's have a crew of eight working to get thing back to normal. It amazing how much they have done already. The hotel will easily be ready for action come October.

There are a couple of storms still rolling around out in the Pacific, but none look too threatening so far, so keep your fingers crossed.

Best wishes. I look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

Brian Geasa
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