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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 8:40 pm
by elli
Speaking of Flysurfer:
They generally turn slower, but the newer models (05) are very close in turning speed to inflateables. Most people use Flysurfers for low wind, and get the bigger sizes (AKA huge). Big kites turn slow, what can you do.
From what I know even in the bigger sizes they are comparable in turning speed to the equivalent inflateable size which is 20%-40% bigger.

On the smaller sizes they turn very fast. Some of them were so fast that Flysurfer tuned them down because of complaints about too fast and erratic kites. But I guess that in the smaller sizes kites normally turn fast enough.

And last, on the Speed you can tune the turning speed of the kite and the bar resistance to your liking. From what I read the speed turns about the same or faster then a comparable inflateable (~40% bigger), but Flysurfer reviews are usually heavily biased (like this one :-) so it's hard to tell. You really have to try.

It's a shame that you cannot test fly those kites in the US. I was in Israel a few months ago and even there I could test a Speed from the local Slingshot/Flysurfer distributor. Last time I heard Speeds in the US are mostly sold out now, so maybe they don't care that much about distribution and support.


PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 11:19 pm
by dewey
Pablito wrote:Z,
I will just point out that those termites have probably been on the planet since long before humans started producing excessive CO2. Humans (and cows, which also produce lots of gas) have a population growth curve that other species on earth don't have.

Also, car batteries are recycled when they are dead -- or at least, they are supposed to be. That's what core charges are for. When you go into the Kragen to get a new battery, if you don't bring an old one in, they charge you more. The old batteries get refurbished. Last time I checked, it was illegal to throw a car battery into a garbage can. The batteries in a hybrid are worth many $1000s of dollars; when they wear out you can bet that they are going to get refurbished, too.

And speaking of recycling and "retail price" -- Newer old kites get recycled by getting sold on Ikite to guys like me who can't afford new ones. If they are really old, though (2002?) they get thrown in the trash, because they are useless. Just think of all those old kites filling up landfills everywhere...

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2005 6:07 pm
by Live2KITE
So did we ever resolve the intial question?
I have a few offers and tons of demo gear to offer:
RRD Type 7, HiR, Wave2
Caution Spitfire 3
6 Different styles of Bows to choose from, including GK Sonic, Halo, Ocean Rodeo's One, Switchblades etc.
Ozone kites for snowkiting
Liquid Force
even Best.

30 different models is a lot of options!!!!

Did I mention the 30-40% or even more discounts on last year's gear such as RRD Type Wave!, Type ZH, Caution Spitfire 2, Liquid Force Spectrum2 etc?