Accidents in 3 major locations. an old and familiar tune

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Accidents in 3 major locations. an old and familiar tune

Post by manplesvanuatu » Mon Apr 22, 2019 8:52 am

HI all,

I am getting tired to see then ambulance arriving at out kite spots. I know we can't prevent the accidents on happening, besides this sport has a little risk factor involved but deep down I am asking all of the seasoned kiters to be a bit more concerned when you see something not looking right at our launch spots. Things like a person launching too big of a kite, standing in a hazard area when launching etc....If you do see something unusual please walk up to the person and have a friendly chat and question their motives (hopefully we both understand each other) i.e if the person launch too big of a kite, say something and not launching them is one major first step!. Lots of these mindless accidents turned out to be caused by newbies. I know some of you are short on time and you just want to have your own fun. On the same token i feel that if you see something wrong and we do not do anything about it. IT is regrettable and it could have easily been prevented. I say let's be pro-active.

Let me get off my soap box now:-) Have fun, stay safe and keep others safe too!



ps. let me go talk to that veteran kiter who kites at my spot. I just realized he flies a 14m Velocity when the wind is strong (ok though cause he is experienced and a stocky person) However I do not know his reasoning behind the attaching a board leash when he is taking 15 feet air jumps. That is the stupidest thing!:-). If you are seasoned kiter...there is no excuse to have a board leash on a twin tip! PERIOD!

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