Toll Plaza/Royce beach/Radio Beach. Update statuts

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Toll Plaza/Royce beach/Radio Beach. Update statuts

Postby Tony Soprano » Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:15 am

Toll plaza/Royce Beach/ Radio beach/ Gateway park final EIR released.

This is a big win for kite-boarding access in the east bay.

I will point you to several areas that may be of interest to you in regards to kiteboarding in the FEIR and Responses to Comments

1. Vol. 1: Response to Comments
a. Chapter 3, Master Response No. 1 concerns Kiteboarding
b. Chapter 3, Individual responses includes responses to each comment letter, but most of the responses on kiteboarding refer back to the Master Response.
2. Vol. 2: Revised Draft EIR
c. Chapter 2
i. “Passive Recreation” Page 2-1: Footnote shows new definition of “passive” recreation which now includes kiteboarding among other non-motorized activity.
ii. Existing Setting: Page 2-2 – added mention of frequent use of Radio Beach by kiteboarders
iii. Fence: Table 2-1, pg. 2-17 changed to limit fencing to 4 feet and non-mesh, clarified fence is east of Radio Beach (e.g. along the access road - see Figure 2-5 on P. 2-16)
iv. Radio Beach, Section 2.5.4, p. 2-25 – added description of existing activity, and clarified informal parking to continue as at present.
v. Fencing: P. 2-27, Section – changed to note location east of Radio Beach, 4 foot limit, not use chain or mesh, and coordination with kiteboarders for final design
d. Section 3.9, Recreation
vi. Existing Setting, P. 3.9-13, Section – Addition of existing setting about kiteboarding at Radio Beach.
vii. Impact LU-3, P. 3.9-28: Addition of new language about kiteboarding continuing, continuing existing parking opportunity, and design of fencing to minimize potential conflicts with kiteboarding.

As I mentioned, there is no comment period or formal public review period for Final EIRs under CEQA. That said, a public lead agency is required to consider any comments submitted prior to certification of the EIR. The current plan is for the BATA Board to consider certification of the EIR on July 25th at their 10:00 am meeting at MTC in San Francisco. The BATA Oversight Committee will also meet on July 11th, at 9:30 a.m. at MTC to consider the project and the EIR and make recommendations to the BATA Board. ... teway-park
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