New ikitesurf sensor: need help

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New ikitesurf sensor: need help

Postby windfind » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:35 am

Hi Gang,

We are working on getting paperwork ready to submit to the USCG to request permission to install a weather station at the Berkeley Reef Light. This Nav Aid is about 1/4 mile due north of the old Berkeley Pier and will provide useful information about incoming wind for the commercial anchorage, Olympic Circle as well as the Brooks Island Area and the new kite launches.

However to proceed we need photos to accompany this paperwork current USCG light to allow us to make a mock-up of what it will look like upon installation of the site.

Can some one with a foil or a boat get us some pictures of this nav aid? The photo requirements are overall shots of the Nav. Aid and some close ups of the top of the aid also get a few different angles, if possible.

Send photos to


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