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Postby OliverG » Thu Feb 24, 2005 11:39 am

Good job, bro!!

Glad you hit it and was well rewarded. We were able to get a solid 18-20 or so out on the Bay and were loving it. Maybe some more today. When do you want to get your hoodie?
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Re: getting some

Postby pipedragon » Thu Feb 24, 2005 3:52 pm

zgur wrote:Bob - yes I did. It was such a bonus sesh, as I had tons of stuff to do and was not sure about investing the gas $$+time. When I got to waddell it was fully cloudy and glassy - great for surfing, shitty for me. I did not give up.

Was rewarded with solid power on 12m for 3 blissful hours. Waves ranging form shoulder to a few feet oh. It was a very nice NW ground swell: easy to read, 4 wave sets, with the 4th wave being a sweet mother. Never more then 8 kites in the air - and in this riding spot, you can't have too many people w/out comprimising the experience. All riders were experienced, which made for a nice circular flow and a bro vibe. Everyone got lots of waves. The new caution kites look sick.

The lighting of the day was very special too....the fog bank was further in then usual - on your out tack, you would ride into the gray clouds and the water looked grey and steel colored. After the transition, you would enter the sun again into yello/warm light and water became gree and alive w/energy. As you made your screaming bottom turns, you would go into the shade of the wave that was standing up. The quite darkness would be broken only by the sound of your heart in your throat, your board cutting through the butter, your wake hitting the butter and then a thunder of white water. Fucking sick!!!! The cliffs were a beautiful brown w/lots of gree due to early spring.

The water quality in the critical wave section was insane butter...made the rail to rail transitions feel sublime....it really helped as I fet a bit rusty for the first 10 waves. This was my first "real" wave sesh of 2005 - powered, down the line riding and lip smakcing good.

It was one of those sessions that will last a lifetime in my head.

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Dude let us know if you head down again. Would love to meet up for a session.
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Postby whitecap » Fri Feb 25, 2005 1:00 pm

Zeev...figured as much...I almost made the drive, but elected to stay local. Knew the swell had to be sweet...It was pushing head high under the gate. Again, I am mostly impressed by the early weather call! ahh..just lucky.. It will be interesting to see if you get the same # of coastal sessions come April! ;^)

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