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Postby friggin old guy » Sat Jun 07, 2014 8:25 am

Form original post on iwindsurf (fraternal users of wind)

RVWA-SIKO’s initial concerns include:
1) Keeping the “Access” open for wind surfing and kiting at all times from April 1 to October 1 by building the planned temporary road parallel to the levee near the power pole foundation and “Tee”ing into Sherman Lake Marina road. The current plan is a complete shut down so the Contractor can stage their vehicles.
2) Rebuilding “Little Baja’s” parking and ramps immediately after the levee work is completed. This is not a sure thing.
3) Maintaining pedestrian/bike access on the top of the closed Levee road (crown road). Currently they are planning on putting two large automatic gates with lights on each end of the closed levee road. There was no mention of pedestrian access only security fencing.
There are lots of other concerns that you might have regarding the fencing, barb wire, parking, visuals, fishing, swimming and what the area might look like in the future for kiting and windsurfing. Take a moment and read the Initial Study or not - but send your comments to the DWR Project Manager, ask for a return receipt. Click here for the link to the IS ... 0DRAFT.pdf
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