When to use suicide mode?

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Re: When to use suicide mode?

Postby Frappes » Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:42 pm

recoprianto wrote:
Frappes wrote:Edit: to clarify, I'm using a North bar.

Use the iron heart option. The 5th line has a metal ring on the end of it by the bar. Put your chicken loop through the big ring and reset it. Then hook your leash to the little metal ring that is attached to the big ring. All of the joys of riding suicide with none of the drawbacks. If you do pop your safety, the kite will still flag out on the 5th line, if you just drop your kite while unhooked, the kite depowers, falls to the water, and is easily relaunchable.

Yup, okay cool. The main reason I posted this thread is because there is a huge disclaimer in the North bar manual that pretty much says "We've got this feature but you should never use it" which had scared me off.

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When to use suicide mode?

Postby sc-surfer » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:42 am

Frappes wrote:
sc-surfer wrote:
Frappes wrote:[quote="Loscocco"]when you are depressed and walking across the Golden Gate Bridge watching the kiters below.

MJ0_ Bravo! MJ0_


When you go to your orthopedist and he tells you that the broken bone in your hand that has bothered you for years will require surgery, a screw, and 3-6 MONTHS in a cast....

Throwing self of bridge now....

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All you need is a hook and a plastic bag, my friend![/quote]

Already working on the hook!!!! :-) :-)

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