Should Sherman Be Upgraded?

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Re: Should Sherman Be Upgraded?

Postby Gorgegeezer » Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:25 am

I think I understand what Yoda is talking about. The path marked "foil board entry" is for easy foil kite entry ? In past years, I have observed foil kites using the same entry path as everyone else. Since they are wider, they need extra airspace to safely enter the beach? Therefore the "foil board entry" path designation?

I have often used the "foil board entry" path as a quick way to exit the beach. Guess not anymore.

It is good to try to work these things out. I have observed that it would be more courteous if kiters would land their kites in the area south of the prime launch area, rather than dump it right in the middle of everyone taking their turn launching. Does it every dawn on some people what they are doing?

I think it is important to understand how to use the site courteously and not cause difficulty for others.

I am looking forward to my annual stay at Sherman in a week. Sounds like some logs need to be removed.
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Re: Should Sherman Be Upgraded?

Postby mbzporvida » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:01 am

Why if the the foilers have been able to use any path they want for last few seasons do they get there own SPECIAL path that one else can use except them ?

If the foiler path to the beach is open and someone has the skill to share the path with someone with a foil on the path it should be there choice as all foiler's seem to be "skilled kiters with great kite control".

All paths matter !
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Re: Should Sherman Be Upgraded?

Postby ozchrisb » Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:07 am

Yeah, I don't care who uses it. I don't speak for everyone with foil kites, but i do like to launch down by the "foiler path" with my foil kites because a) the main launch is a mess most of the time I've been there and b) there's enough room downwind of the little swamp so that you can let the kite drift a bit as it fills. Launching there and then walking back through the landing and launching kites also seems like a bad idea so i just use the path (and was told to by someone who knows more than me about the history of that path). Why everyone has to launch and land in *exactly* the same spot is beyond me too. The answer is for everyone to give up on Sherman, it's not that good anyway.
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Re: Should Sherman Be Upgraded?

Postby Frappes » Fri Apr 28, 2017 1:25 pm

Sherman's OVER! It's too crowded! The foilers moved in and ruined the neighborhood character! People dorking around on the beach with their kites at 12 and mowing the lawn through the slicks behind the islands blocking the REAL kiters from throwing sick tricks!

I move to enact a BAN on anyone who started kiting there after I did! _+_+ _+_+ _+_+
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