Questions from a new surfer in the area

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lars p
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Questions from a new surfer in the area

Post by lars p » Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:35 am


In the next couple of years I am going to spend a few days each month in the bay area in connection with my work. ::) ::) ::)

I have some questions in that regard:

-Can anyone recommend a shop in the area ???.

- What options are there for surfing in the down town area (staying in the NIKKO hotel) of course depending on wind direction. I am not going to bring my own gear so i will have to rent equipment. )))


Lars/SAS crew

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Re: Questions from a new surfer in the area

Post by Thor29 » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:17 pm

Boardsports in Alameda rents gear:

By "surfing" do you mean kiteboarding on waves or just kiteboarding in general? The closest kiteboarding to downtown is at Crissy Field but there are no waves there. The best local area for consistent wind is 3rd Ave (again, no waves). You can kite Ocean Beach but the waves are usually blown out if it's windy. The best waves for kiting are at Waddell, just north of Santa Cruz.

Read the following for info on local kiteboarding spots: ... m.php?f=23

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Captain John
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Re: Questions from a new surfer in the area

Post by Captain John » Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:29 pm

Hey Lars,

Come out and kite the bay with a kitesurfing concierge. Your concierge will pick you up in a 21ft jet boat at a convenient pier-side location and take you to a one of many windy locations. Our most popular expedition is the Golden Gate Downwinder. Launching from the boat, you can ride under the bridge, fly downwind past the city front and go for long reaches without the worry of getting back to shore. When you're finished, your kite concierge will take care of all the clean-up and drop you off at a convenient bayside location.

On board is a full selection of 2013 Cabrinha kites ranging from 7-14m and boards of the twin-shape, directional(surf), race, skim, and foil variety. Wetsuits available. Radio helmets allow your concierge to guide you through new waters and ensure a enjoyable and successful expedition.

Check out the video-this guy was so excited that he forgot to leave his briefcase in the boat![/video]

Thanks all,

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