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Kite tuning/bridle questions....

PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2013 7:26 pm
by sc-surfer
Uhhhhh......ya. Thanks all. :-). Been riding cautions for a year now.

That said, all trash talking aside, they are actually good solid
kites. They do drift pretty well, have good power for their size, tons of depower and great relaunch. I still have them but don't ride them much. I just prefer the quick pivotal turning of my mayhem Xs.

Re: Kite tuning/bridle questions....

PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:57 am
by turbinedude
Hey I am reading this thread, and I am thinking my situation greatly applies.
For the short biop, I got this - check your pulleys and make sure they are smooth. Waxing the lines that runs through the pulleys helps

Maybe people can relate or have advice for my story below.
I just picked up a 06 Cabrinha Crossbow 9m2 with a PowerDrive Bar & Line. Two sessions later I am still having lots of issues with the setup and it needs some serious balancing.

Session 1:
Just got the kite, got it in the air with 20 knots, just barely going upwind even though I am cutting hard on a twin tip.
The secondary "Overdrive" Depower is f-ed up and is stuck in depowered mode.
Kite is very slow and and can feel the lines kinking while turning. Kite is flying way too loftyy and jerky in the power zone.

Session 2:
1st attempt to launch with old school Sea kite Naish bar with equalized lines in 25 knot wind = fail. No control over the kite once it was in the air and had to cut away. 2nd attempts with fully depowered possibly messed up PowerDrive lines = fails.

Session 3:
Stay Continued...

For the 3rd sesh I have taken apart all the pulleys on the kite and bar, removing tons of trapped sand grains in the process. In addition I have waxed the lines where the pulley wheels touch. I feel like this is going to smooth out the turning and make it faster?
I waxed the depower straps on the PowerDrive lines and it powers up and depowers now.

?Does anyone know if having kites depowered makes them less manueverable in higher winds? I know on some kites you can't steer them at all if you are too depowered (hence no limit on the depowering). What do people think?

All four lines are equidistant.
Is there anything else I can do before taking this out again?