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  • Advertisement title: [FS] 2016 Blade High Score 9m
  • Price: 350 USD
  • Date: Sun Jun 02, 2019 8:45 pm

  • Description:

    This is a used 2016 Blade High Score 9m hybrid-C freestyle kite (comparable to a Cabrinha FX or North Dice). It is a four-line kite and will work with any bar that has equal length lines. Used but no issues and should give you plenty of riding.

    Although these kites are designed with freestyle/wakestyle tricks in mind, they are great for any level of rider and most types of riding.They relaunch easily just pulling on one of the wingtips and are stable in the air. If you're looking to progress with unhooked tricks, you'll be pleased with the direct feel and how the kite slacks for you. It also loops really well with smooth power the whole way around.

    Including a backpack and an adapter for the Maxflo (i.e. high volume, same as Liquid Force) inflate valve.

    From the manufacturer:
    High Score is the latest link in the evolution of freestyle and wakestyle kites. It is the more energetic version of the former Mist, a highly powerful freestyle/wakestyle kite by itself. This action packed C-kite has some serious grunt to propel you to new heights with an extended sweet spot. Its sharp contoured wingtips help you stabilize yourself throughout the trick and stick the landing to perfection. With its explosive pop and continuous pull, the High Score will have you feeling like you’re actually inside a video game. So get creative, land the tricks and show them how it's done!


    5 STRUTS A 5 strut design maintains continuous power delivery throughout your jump and ensures kite stability for super loaded tricks

    QUICK TURN All Blade kites are designed to be super reactive and quick turning. This is vital in order to progress as riders and define one's riding style.

    POWER LIFT PROFILE A very powerful and efficient profile that lets the kite climb effortlessly and prevents it from coming down quickly.

    UNHOOKED STABILITY The combination of the bridle balance and the power generated by the kite provides the rider high stability while unhooking with the kite.


    Reliable Power Generator Profile. After the initial explosive pop, the unique profile shape continues to deliver consistent power throughout the trick. This enhances stability and control for powered wakestyle tricks.