The 411

The 411 is a collective of local kiters working to build community and safety at sites throughout the Bay Area. We chose the name ‘411’ because the primary goal is to bring hyper-local information and connection to a growing population of Bay Area kiters. As the sport gains popularity, we see a growing need to introduce new kiters (and kiters new to the area) to our sites in a way that encourages sensible kiting through responsible modeling and meaningful connection. Websites with information are important, but there’s nothing like connecting with real people who really know and care about a spot.
The 411 is an amazing group of experienced and passionate athletes that spans almost every site from Bodega in the North, to Sherman in the East and Waddell on the coast. In addition to helping new kiters safely navigate new sites, the 411 strives to improve outreach, communication and advocacy for our sport. The people below have volunteered their time and experience to you to make sure you have the best information and support to safely explore all of the incredible potential and diversity of our local waters. If you would like to kite one of the sites below, please contact the site 411 to get the latest information and a personal introduction to the site.’
Site Name
Site 411
Email Address
Tim Watterman
Toll Plaza
Andrew Sullivan
Race Track
Andrew Sullivan
Ashby/Pt Emery
Francois Jeanneau
Marina Bay
Chris Beech
3rd Avenue/Baywinds Park
Pablo Thai
Coyote Point
Ken Poulton
Erin Loscocco
Josh McCulloch
Kenny Adgate
Waddell Creek
Art de Werk
Chris Beech
Doug Seiler
Chris Beech
Doug Seiler
General Contact
Kirk van Moon

San Francisco Boardsailing Association

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The SFBA does important behind the scenes work in the Bay Area to keep access to our local kite beaches open for our use. Without them we would not be able to kite in a lot of Bay Area locations. 

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