OT: Salina Cruz hookup?

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Re: OT: Salina Cruz hookup?

Postby marina » Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:29 am

John, did you go check out La Bamba area when there? Swell forecast looks pretty poor until end of trip so looks like the boys are heading to Puerto first... has the surf guide mafia mellowed out?
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Re: OT: Salina Cruz hookup?

Postby juandesooka » Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:33 pm

Bringing forward this thread...can any of you Salina Cruz visitors give some tips?

I will be in Puerto visiting family Mar6-20. Trip priority, 1) family, 2) surfing, 3) kiting. Kiting isn't #2 only because there's so little wind in Puerto. I am bringing a 17m just in case the daily onshore is enough to get out.

Nearest good wind is Salina Cruz, so I am attempting to negotiate a day pass for a 1 day trip to explore the area and hopefully get a kite session. Kiting solo is not ideal (for safety or permission), so I need to connect up ... even if I have to hire a guide for the day to lifeguard.

1. anyone happen to be down there and want to connect up? Or know anyone down there at that time who may want to go on a kite/surf adventure?

2. recommendations for a local guide? Just need someone to show where to go and hang out while a session is had.

3. recommendations for spots...if I don't find a guide, I'll make my way to the best spot I can find and give it a shot. Prefer waves and sideshore wind, not offshore. Ideal if some people around, not a middle of nowhere locale. Is Punta Chivo a good place to aim for? (I think it's aka Playa Azul). Other spots?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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