please help keep orcas from captivity

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please help keep orcas from captivity

Postby dz » Thu Mar 13, 2014 10:13 am


SeaWorld just got busted by a US government agency for violating the Animal Welfare Act -- and we may have a rare chance to end its animal cruelty for good.

SeaWorld imprisons orca whales in tiny, cage-like tanks -- and the USDA citation reveals conditions at the park are dangerous to the animals' health. SeaWorld is still defending its barbaric practices, but pressure is building on the company.

In a surprise move, a Californian assemblymember has just introduced a law to make it illegal to keep orcas in captivity. This could change everything -- but SeaWorld is already mounting a vicious campaign to defeat this brave move.

Join me to tell the State of California that the public won't accept SeaWorld's imprisonment of orcas any longer:
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Re: please help keep orcas from captivity

Postby CdoG » Tue Mar 18, 2014 4:03 pm

ok singed
thanks fey.
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Re: please help keep orcas from captivity

Postby etxxz » Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:25 pm

i've been to SeaWorld (Orlando) a million times. that film is garbage. a ridiculously biased, fallacious, emotionally manipulating propaganda. Felt like turning on Fox news or CNN. Here's a whole page in SW's website discrediting the documentary with more on google:

Orcas are treated like gods by comparison to how we treat, raise and/or use other "intelligent" animals. We are the humans in this story, don't forget. And lets talk numbers OP - there are like 40 orcas in captivity total in the whole world with the vast majority being born in captivity. SW hasn't had a wild orca caught in 35yrs. Times more Orca get commercially hunted, caught in fishing nets, killed by pollution, ran over by ships etc etc. Lets focus elsewhere because SW is fawesome! Free willy, what about dolphins, sea lions, horses dogs... did you know pigs are also intelligent social mammals yet we feed them their own feces.. ha, and then we eat them. I can go on all day :"*!

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