stolen kite database

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stolen kite database

Postby sflinux » Sun Oct 20, 2013 8:25 am

As the title says, is there one already available? Or is this something that should be created?
The database, should include the serial number, color, year, & date stolen. Additional info would be pictures and details of the theft (location of theft, where the gear was in your car, how it was removed from your car, etc). I believe this is something the kiteboarding community needs.

My personal preventative tips:
Write down the serial numbers of your gear.
Take pictures of your gear
Don't store your gear visibly in your vehicle (trunks or coffin boxes are best)
Don't advertise by putting kite stickers on your vehicle
Lock your vehicle (don't stash your keys underneath)
Park near other kiters
Take pictures of suspicious people (and don't be shy about it)
Don't store your gear in your vehicle overnight.
Consider Renters/homeowners insurance
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Re: stolen kite database

Postby le noun » Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:58 am

sflinux wrote:Don't store your gear in your vehicle overnight.

This makes the most sense to me.
I live in a good area of san francisco without much breaking in and I STILL take all my kite gear out of the car EVERY TIME.
I'm not saying that the people who get there gear stolen out of their car over night deserve it (nobody deserves that), but I'm always wondering why people leave there stuff in their car over night?
Not enough room in your apartment? I mean, we are talking about 3 back packs and 2 boards. That stuff fits in a closet.
Tired of walking 3 sets of stairs with all your stuff? I apologize if I offend somebody with this one: but laziness shouldn't be an excuse. Unless you are one of the pros out there with a quiver of 7 kites, race boards, foil board, etc... (in which case, invest in a van, put a bad ass alarm on it and get insurance).
Sleeping at a friend's house after a session? I've done it too, I ask permission to my friend to get my stuff upstairs (I never had a friend saying no to kiteboarding equipment sitting in their living room for one night).

Again, I can't express enough how bad I feel when I read a kitesurfer on this forum posting about stolen gear: it sucks and it shouldn't happen.
I'm not trying to be controversial or a douche and tell you that you're a moron for leaving your stuff in your car: definitely not the case.
I'm just trying to understand what made you leave your $4000+ equipment sitting in your car over night in a city of 800,000 living souls.

Back to the original post though: I think it's a great idea to have a data base organized like the classified. MJ0_
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