Slingshot Introduces HP SUP Inflator Valve

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Slingshot Introduces HP SUP Inflator Valve

Postby SlingshotSports » Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:08 pm

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The Slingshot HP Valve was designed and developed to efficiently inflate SUP’s to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI.

Inflatable SUP construction technology is improving and many manufactures are now recommending 20psi for maximum performance. As avid paddlers we are well aware of the challenges riders face when trying to hand pump their board to the recommended PSI. There is a HUGE difference in paddling performance with a board at 10 PSI vs. 20 PSI.

Stiffer Board = Better Performance

With the Slingshot HP Valve Inflator you can now easily inflate your board using an air compressor, which enables the rider to achieve the manufactures recommended air pressure resulting in superior board performance.

The Slingshot HP SUP INFLATOR VALVE is compatible with most major brands and comes complete with an Air Gauge to achieve recommended inflation

This product is available for $24.95 at your local SUP retailer or at ... u-14580000

“Using a manual pump I was never able to get the boards to the recommended PSI. I always had to paddle the boards at a lower PSI and they felt soft and just lacked performance. Since using the HP Valve Adaptor I easily pump my board to the correct PSI and finally feel that inflatables are performance driven boards. The difference is night and day” product tester Debbie Fuller.

Over the last 13 years the Slingshot crew has dedicated endless time and effort channeling their passion for Watersports to people throughout the world. Established in 1999, Slingshot Sports LLC has worked diligently to establish a solid reputation in the Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding and Standup Paddleboarding market by manufacturing high-quality products, setting innovative construction and design standards, and dressing it all up with an image that is unique, edgy and young.

For more information or to get a sample of the Slingshot HP Inflator Valve please contact Debbie Fuller at 509-637-2371 or
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