New 3 Kite Quiver for under $1600 = LF Nirvana Blowout Sale

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New 3 Kite Quiver for under $1600 = LF Nirvana Blowout Sale

Postby andyandmarlys » Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:01 pm


You started riding a year or two ago, and bought a kite that was great to learn on. It did exactly what you wanted to do..... get you kiteboarding.

Now, you are riding upwind, and starting to work on tricks. You might be unhooking a little bit too, but you are finding your entry level kite doesn't really allow you to progress that much because it was designed to get you into kiteboarding, not advance into Freestyle riding.

So, you are Freestyle curious, but aren't sure where to go. Stop right here, because this is the kite and bar package that you need to take a serious look at, and it won't break your bank.

The Nirvana is a 5 line C-kite, which may initially scare some of you off. The advantage of having 5 lines on a C-kite is twofold. One, it helps give the kite much better depower than a C-kite without a 5th line. Second, it allows the kite to relaunch in very light winds. If you are going to be working on tricks, you and the kite are both going to be hitting the water alot, so you want a kite that is easy to relaunch.

Liquid Force is a wake boarding company, and owns the market on wake style riding. Their wake background has allowed them to define modern wake style riding, and you can see it in the design and feel of their kite.

Traditionally the Hifi has been their bread and butter kite, but what happened is that when the 2011 Hifi went from 5 struts to 4 struts, the hard core Hifi lovers preferred the feel of their 2010 kites. So for 2012, Liquid Force went back to the 5 strut design, but wanted to rebrand the kite under a new name..... So.. that's where the Nirvana came from. The problem though, is the Hifi had such a great following, that people didn't necessarily link the Nirvana to the Hifi. This meant that for 2013, Liquid Force brought back the HiFi name with the Hifi X.

What does this mean to you? You get an opportunity to buy a FANTASTIC Liquid Force Freestyle / Wake Style kite at a STEAL because Liquid Force wanted to get rid of the Nirvana name, and focus once again on the Hifi branding. Name Chage = you save HUNDREDS of dollars.

So what do others think of the kite? Read here - ... it=nirvana

Where do you get one of these? ... egoryId=-1

What do they REALLY cost? How about a 11m Kite only for $480?

What I'd recommend is quivering up. Pick 3 kites, buy one bar, and get a quiver for far less than the cost of nearly any other Kite on the Market

7m - $395
9m - $425
13m- $505
5 Line CPR Bar - $250

a WHOLE QUIVER for - $1575. -- hundreds less than any other 2013 C-Kite

This is for BRAND NEW kites with no defects, blemishes, or any other issues. Full warranty on the kites too.

Don't think about it too long, because when these are gone, they are gone forever. ... egoryId=-1
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Postby Rob » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:58 pm

But wait.. Call in the next 10 min & we will double the order for FREE. Yes you heard right, free......
Just pay separate shipping and handling
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