Windsurfer friend at Isabel with a disturbing sighting

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Windsurfer friend at Isabel with a disturbing sighting

Postby nbon » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:02 pm

A buddy reported this to me in an email.

"I saw a guy almost... well, hard to say what the almost was. Almost died? Almost broke his back? It was a beginner kiter taking a lesson at Isabel/Richmond, and he did this massive jump very close to shore Monday (6/3), when it was howling. I think it was not planned to go so high. I thought he was going to land on the rocks. Fortunately did not. Whew."

A few things are disturbing. I don't think Isabel is a good place for a lesson or to kite period. Plus jumping as a beginner?... Near rocks (there are only rocks there) Plus Monday was very strong wind in Berkeley.

I will try to get more info.
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Re: Windsurfer friend at Isabel with a disturbing sighting

Postby stompdit » Wed Jun 05, 2013 11:35 pm

There is no one teaching lessons from pt Isabel. There is a school the gives jet ski lessons out of Marina Bay. I've seen him give plenty of safe lessons while kiting there. Shit happens, but I highly doubt that instructor would allow a beginner to be jumping(which doesn't happen) close to the rocks. My guess, is they saw the instructor jumping on the lesson kite during a lesson, who does know what he's doing. weather it was bad practice to jump that close to the rocks, in front of the student, not sure from your vague second hand account from someone who doesn't kite.
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