Slingshot RPM and/or Rally?

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Re: Slingshot RPM and/or Rally?

Postby NCKite_Ryder » Thu May 09, 2013 2:53 pm

After 3 years of rocking RPM's I can tell you a few things... The 6m 8m and 10m are amazing kites. The 8m is probably my favorite but my best sessions have been on the 10m. They have crap for range and don't handle gusty situations for shit. The kites will flex and crease at the leading edge bridal attachments when they are super lit, its short-lived and harmless. However when theses kites are in a steady situations they're money. When im powered on my 8m there isn't a kite on the water i'm "jealous" not to have. Unhooking is very fun and they excel in the flat-water freestyle uses and the kiteloops are forgiving and graceful. Kite relaunches just ok... for the surf they are good but not great. They tend to pull a little to much when im powered not letting me kickback and surf the wave more, think the rally lets you depower and wing the kite overhead while you surf. The 14m isn't for the surf though, unless you ride South Padre... not around here.

You probably need a big kite for riding inside the bay regardless of the brand/model. Some guy has a 14m RPM on this forum for sale, $600. good deal if the lines are nice, imo.
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Re: Slingshot RPM and/or Rally?

Postby Aloha » Thu May 09, 2013 5:05 pm

NCK if you just unhook and ditch the kite once it has towed you in, it's way easier to just focus on surfing the wave and not have to worry about the kite at all - It is also way more pure

As for the bit about the 14m not being for the surf around here - Jamie may disagree with that XZSD
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Re: Slingshot RPM and/or Rally?

Postby acctx » Sat May 11, 2013 6:28 am

lowf wrote:Hi all, I'm looking for some advise for new kites to buy this year.

I am 6'5", 198lbs. I ride on either a 137TT (probably need bigger..) and a 5'2" kite surfboard. I am a beginner/intermediate rider, when the wind is steady and strong enough I can go up wind fine, however I have been having a lot of trouble in gusty conditions where I find I'm just not powered enough on my 12m Ocean Rodeo Rise. When the wind is up it feels great, maybe even over powered (though I bet that is more technique than the kite), but as soon as it drops below a consistant 17mph I start to struggle.

I have been looking at the 2012 Slingshot RPM and Rally lines. From what I can tell based on reviews and a few posts on kiteforum, 10m and below RPM is better, 12-14m Rally is the better feel. I'm debating looking for a 14m Rally to get me out in anything "kiteable", and maybe getting a 10m RPM for the days that are actually consistant 20+.

What do people think? I'm also open to other suggestions, just landed on these first..

Also, what do you think a good condition 2012 14m Rally and a 2012 10m RPM should be going for in good condition used?

Thanks everyone!

Im 165 and ride a 132x43 when powered up. But if it is holey I ride a door, flat 160x44 (fly door, spleene door). I also have a 145x? but i typically either use the 132 or the 160. It is amazing what a big board will do. Plus used boards are dirt cheap compared to kites

The doors are also good in chop and swell as they just float over it.

I leave my boards at the shoreline and try the board I think best fits, it is easy to come back in and switch without landing my kite.
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