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Beach Steward Reference Thread

Postby Stefano Moris » Sat Jul 16, 2005 1:02 pm

I thought I would start a thread to serve as a reference for anyone interested in playing the role of Beach Steward (we all are anyway as soon as we set foot on the beach) This thread would serve as the proving ground if you will for the discussion/rules in the Alameda Policy thread. If everyone would check in on this thread once in a while, we (Alameda Kiteboarders) could present a consistant face regardless of what notions are being tossed around/refined in the Policy thread.

As a Beach Steward, I promote safe kiteboarding with a smile by;

- keeping the launch area clear for those who are ready to launch and land only.

- encouraging people to stack thier kites neatly in the kite stacking area, and not to lay out their lines until they are suited up and ready to launch.

- discouraging launching the kite in questionable conditions (both too light or too much)

- asking people to body drag out 200 ft. from the beach before diving their kite, and honoring the same safe zone as they come in to the beach.

- telling people that should they find themselves downind of the imaginary line between the antennae and the 200 ft marker, they must not come back onto the sand without their kite in their hand.

- by answering peoples questions to the best of my ability, and should they ask something I can't answer, I'll make an effort to introduce them to somebody that can.

- by encouraging beachgoers to keep a safe distance from the kite launching and landing area.

I will do these things in a manner that promotes self sufficiency (education) and not dependancy (babysitting) among Alameda Kiteboarders.

Please help to add/grow/refine this list. I will have my camel back and hooknife tomorrow! It will be stackalicous. I'll be there at Noon, hopefully the icecream man too! -stef
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Stefano Moris
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Postby Bob » Sun Jul 17, 2005 9:01 am

Great list Stefano;

There needs to be something about how to walk away from the individual that wants neither education or baby sitting but wants to do it their way. As ours are guidelines not policy or law... smething like....

- When faced with a hostile reaction from a kiter that wants neither education or baby sitting but wants to do it their way; thank them for their time and their awareness of the need for public safety and walk away. If the situation is particularly onerous ask for help from other stewards on the beach.
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Postby go4kitesurfing » Sat Jul 30, 2005 12:29 pm

Excellent list Stefano. Although admitting to have failed on more then one item myself, I will try to do better going forward. This is very important and serving ìbeach dutyî is an excellent way to pay back to the ìcommunityî.

One situation I find particularly hard to deal with is the following:
- You see a kiter who you feel are far from ready to go out with a kite. You do your best within your ability (and schedule) to help, talk about the benefits of a few more lessons, ask them if they have a kiting friend that could join them, etc and as you do you get completely convinced that this person needs many more lessons and that helping him/her to get the kite up is clearly dangerous. At the same time you also realize that if you do not help, they will still go ahead and potentially cause an even worse situation then if you helped out. So what to do? Help them and be held liable for getting them off the ground or fined for teaching at the beach? Or, ignore them and see them cause injury to themselves or/and somebody else potentially because you choose not to get involved? Tough call and I have seen experienced kiters go both ways on this issue. Any thoughts on this?

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