Footpads for bigger feet where you can pivot your feet

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Footpads for bigger feet where you can pivot your feet

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 21, 2004 2:14 pm

I posted the message below on a different forum but I remember somebody telling me about some footpads that are manufactured in Santa Cruz. I forgot the name and company... Does anybody know?

I'm having trouble finding comfortable twin tip footpads that fit larger feet (US 11, UK 10.5, Euro 45, sometimes I have to wear booties) and also allow you to pivot your feet. Basically I move my heels slightly to the back of my board when I'm kiting so I'm standing on the board in a similar way as on a snowboard. Maybe something like 20 degrees front, 0 degrees back to give you an idea.

Most "anatomic" or "contoured" pads lock you into a specific position/angle. It gets worse if they have toe bars because then they only fit if you have the right foot size.

So basically I'm looking for very simple foot pads that are thicker in the heel section than in the toe section, are long and wide enough and don't have any kind of fancy "anatomic" foot bed.

So far I rode Underground boards and the only complaint I have is that the footpads are too thin in the heel section.

Footpads I've tried that don't work:
Hanacrew (sold as Kitesurfari footpads here: Too small, those anatomic toe bars are only ok if you have medium sized feet. Very odd outline: My heel is on the edge of the footpad once I pivot my foot.
DaKine Control Contour: feels uncomfortable if you pivot your feet, locks you into a certain position

Postby OliverG » Wed Jul 21, 2004 6:25 pm

Those would be Caution! footpads I think. I was just checking them out with a friend on my Caution 142 I just got and they are way roomy and cushy. Not bad! Check em out at
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