Huntington Beach conditions mid July

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Huntington Beach conditions mid July

Postby mephastopholes » Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:50 pm

Planning on heading down to visit my sis and nephews during the weekend of July 10th who happen to live right up the road from Surf City. From the info that I've found; looks like you can kite north of the pier between towers 10 & 18, but I'm looking for local info on the conditions to expect this time of year; how light are the winds and how small are the waves? I was there around this same time last year and only brought my longboard for a decent late morning surf session, but the winds picked up enough in the afternoon to blow away the easy up canopies, dixie plates and towels and made me wish I brought my kite.... or maybe I should just bring the longboard again :?:
Thanks in advance! :)

On a slightly separate note, Ollie, did you create this site for socal?
Hopefully, people start utilizing this soon!
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Re: Huntington Beach conditions mid July

Postby discojuggernaut » Mon Jul 05, 2010 10:33 am

Winds are light, but it can definitely be rideable. Usually tops out around 16mph. Bring your biggest kite. Surf is usually crumbly from the wind being more onshore than sideshore. If it's blowing in HB, it's probably blowing everywhere from Long Beach to HB. The wind may also be blowing all the way to Sunset, but stopping before HB. Long downwinders are possible, but you need to avoid the coast in the 'no-mans' land' of Bolsa Chica (kiting banned). If you're checking Ikitesurf the wind usually starts in Cabrillo, then fills in to Pier J, then River's End, then Sunset. The ikitesurf sensor for HB is gone, so you have to take a gamble or be down there.
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Re: Huntington Beach conditions mid July

Postby Greg » Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:03 pm

a course board and a big kite... then take a massive down winder :-o
much more fun roller skating with the girls :D

I'm just play'n ya!
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