Additional Downwinder Info

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Additional Downwinder Info

Postby OliverG » Sun May 08, 2005 6:37 pm

I'm sure everything will go smoothly, but I want to urge everyone to read the Berkeley Guidelines which can be found here.

There are some things to know given this sites very close proximity to the Bay Trail, Frontage Road and Interstate I-80.

The beach to come in at is located at the South end of the bay between the Pier and the Emeryville Marina, not at the frontage road beach at the center of the bay.

Depending on tides, it's quite possible there could be very little beach at the final landing destination. The beach is very small and surrounded by rocks. As soon as you come in to land, roll up your lines and move your kite and gear to the rigging area, which is also tiny, above the beach and deflate and pack up.

It is quite common for the wind to be light, holey and flukey on the inside so if you're going to continue to kite for a bit when you reach Berkeley, please stay well upwind rather than close in to the shore. There are many areas close in where the wind can be erratic and light.

This site is exposed to many potential hazards, so please help us maintain access and keep it safe. Please post any questions you may have.

Many Thanks,
Ollie G.
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Postby ~emily. » Mon May 09, 2005 1:38 pm

Thanks Ollie =D>

This is really important info! Thanks for posting. Looks like it will be flooding all afternoon until around 6pm. Keep this in mind everyone! And DO be sure to review the Berkeley Guidelines refenced above.

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