PKRA Cabarete Day 6

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PKRA Cabarete Day 6

Postby OliverG » Tue Jun 22, 2004 6:36 am

PKRA Press Release of Sunday 20th of June, Bozo Beach ñ Cabarete ñ
Best kiteboarding worldcup. ñ Day 6

Weather and wind conditions
Caribbean weather is back, trade winds, blue skies and sun!
The wind picked up as from noon and by 1pm was filled in nicely to the beach.

Last nightís entertainment
Local concert on the beach with meringue music and plenty of Presidente beer tents, dancing girls and boys and a tropical atmosphere!
Later on at night the Lax bar, Onnoís bar and the Bamboo bar were pretty well filled with riders and other people till early hours! Loads of rum got pounded and there were a few hangovers on the beach this morning!

The Freestyle competition was finished yesterday evening with Jaime Herraiz and Cindy Mosey as winners of the competition. Today we did a Best Trick competition; we started around 3 pm with 28 men and 17 women entering.

Entering the Best Trick from the men:

Jason Stone (USA)
Alex Tritten (FRA)
Clinton Bolton (GER)
Jojo Carneiro (BRA)
Andy Hurdman (USA)
Jaime Herraiz (ESP)
Ben Meyer (USA)
Martin Vari (ARG)
Mark Shinn (UK)
Abel Lago (ESP)
Sky Solbach (USA)
Cameron Dietrich (PR)
Alvaro Onieva (ESP)
Melvin De Leon Paulino (DOM REP)
Emanuel David (DOM REP)
Gianni Aragno (ESP)
Aaron Hadlow (UK)
Ruben Lenten (NED)
Carlos Martines (DOM REP)
Jan Marco Rivera (DOM REP)
Yan Carlos Paulino (DOM REP)
Julian Kidd (KA)
Jerson Sanchez (DOM REP)
Christian Dittrich (SWE)
Papo Mendes (DOM REP)
Ariel Corniel (DOM REP)
Raul Corniel (DOM REP)
Jose Luis Ciriaco (DOM REP)

Entering the Best Trick from the women:

Cindy Mosey (NZ)
Petra Goeschl (GER)
Susi Mai (GER)
Anna Sparre (SWE)
Michelle Glazman (ARG)
CJ Jones (KA)
Aurelia Herpin (FRA)
Kristina Karlsson (SWE)
Elsa Saintville (FRA)
Ingrid Kˆllbichler (AUT)
Kristin Boese (GER)
Gaby Steindl (AUT)
Angela Peral (ESP)
Julie Simsar (FRA)
Ania Grzelinska (POL)
Daphnee Laliberte (CAN)
Michelle Baillot (GUA)

For the men there were 3 heats with 3 riders per heat advancing to the final. These riders were Aaron Hadlow, Martin Vari, Ruben Lenten, Jaime Herraiz, Alvaro Onieva, Christian Dittrich, Gianni Aragno, Alex Tritten and Jose Luis Ciriaco.
All of them went for big moves in the final such as kiteloop handle passes, grabbed powered handle passes, grabbed flat 360 handle pass, downloop s-bend and more crazy stuff.

The women too werenít holding back with their moves, aerial handle passes, flat 360ís, front to blind, unhooked spins and so on.

The winners for the best Trick competition:
1. Jaime Herraiz with a Mobe
2. Alex Tritten with blind to Mobe
3. Gianni Aragno with a grabbed flat 3

1. Cindy Mosey with a front Mobe
2. Susi Mai with an unhooked forward to kiteloop to surface handle pass
3. Ania Grzelinska with an unhooked 360 to toeside to surface handle pass

Prize giving at night in the Tangerine hotel, with loads of thank youís to all sponsors, riders, people helping Lorenzo the organizer out and many more. Good food after the ceremony and many drinks with fantastic music on the beach! Dancing time!

The Silke spirit award for this event went to Luciano Gonzales

Menís ladder of the double elimination: ladder looser men final.htm

Womenís ladder of the double elimination: ladder looser women final.htm
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