Trade kite lessons for computer/software training?

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Trade kite lessons for computer/software training?

Postby wakehappy » Sat May 02, 2009 8:40 pm

Want to help a new kiter get into the sport?

I'm new to the Bay Area and come from a background in wakeboarding and snowboarding. Currently unemployed with all the free time I ever wanted I'm searching for a creative outlet. So far I've logged about 10 hours on my Ozone 3.5m trainer and am ready to move forward with bigger kites and water vs sand...

I'm interested in learning basic launch and water riding techniques. Making some kiting buddies around SF would also be great.

In exchange for helping me learn the sport I can teach you how to build HTML, Dreamweaver or Flash Web sites, manipulate graphics with Adobe products such as Photoshop or Illustrator, build 3D models/animations with 3DS Max, use Microsoft Office, edit digital video or audio with Premier or Soundbooth, or just become familiar with basic PC or MAC operating systems.

Trained in Fine Arts and an experienced software instructor I have a Web and graphics biz doing freelance design- check out my site at to see what I do.

Any help / ideas are appreciated, cheers!
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Re: Trade kite lessons for computer/software training?

Postby dz » Sun May 03, 2009 1:25 pm

Just a few points:

The main reason the lesson(s) is suggested is for safety (yours and others).

Since the basic is pretty easy to learn w practice, please consider that you will also need to learn:
-judging conditions
-the kite gear
-how to respond when something goes wrong
-kiting etiquette

You will also want to learn (and you can find a lot of info on this forum):
-right of way
-particulars of the locations where you plan to ride
-about the most frequent type of mishaps/accidents

Also a jetski assistance is very useful if you can not confidently go upwind (especially here in SF where there are not many “beginner friendly” launches).

And I don't think there is any substitute for a solid lesson from someone who knows the sport well and has a good amount of experience teaching it. (The quality of instruction varies, depending on this).

Hope I don't sound too “negative” but this is based on my own experience (I began in '07, but didn't really get time in until '08), looking back and noting what I think has been important. Maybe I should sound more enthusiastic...
... I will just say, the fun is there waiting for you....
Free your mind and your azz will follow. GC
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Re: Trade kite lessons for computer/software training?

Postby OliverG » Sun May 03, 2009 1:27 pm

Lots of articles for beginners with tons of information have already been posted with more being added:

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