Shortening kite lines

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Shortening kite lines

Postby Guest » Sun Apr 10, 2005 1:16 pm

I tried searching this topic in the "search" box, and found out that this function isn't exactly pinpoint accurate (sorry, Ollie)... I'm sure someone has written about it before, but...

I snapped about 2 ft. of line off a single one of my lines, and I am hoping that I can just shorten the other three instead of buying a new set. I know that wave riders often shorten their lines. How do you do it? The sleeves on the lines are sewn on. Is there another way other than to cut off the existing sleeves, buy new sleeves and sew them back on your shortened lines? What is the secret?

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Postby elli » Sun Apr 10, 2005 5:55 pm

Get sleeving line, sleeve the edges and tie 8 knots. This is a good opportunity to equalize all your lines. Now that they are stretched, they will stay closer to each other in length for a longer period of time.
But having said that, if the lines are worn, maybe it is not worth the effort, because they will brake again. My experience is that when a line brakes once, it will brake again quickly, which also make this a safety issue.

You can get windwing lines, they are cheap enough to make the effort questionable. Look for a deal, I got LPG lines (spectra 2000, tight weave) for $50 and QPower (linear spectra 2000, not braided with dense sleeve also spectra) after shopping around.

Something that increases life of your lines is rotating them. Disconnect them all, replace the front with the back lines, and the kite side to the bar side.
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