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Postby OliverG » Wed Dec 08, 2004 10:47 am


"The complete kiteboarding guide" is an instructional video.
This film teaches you everything you wanted to know and all the things you never even thought about. Mark Shinn is double worldchampion, and he guides you through all steps, from rigging your kite till jumping, doing spins and tricks and riding the big waves on Hawaii. You can find out more information about this video by clicking here.

Check out the Trailer for the video here.

"Trick of the week"

Every week they will add a new trick from the film "The complete kiteboarding guide". The tricks will be randomly selected and some are advanced while others are beginners stuff. All their download videos are scaled down for faster downloads, they will appear in full screen on the DVD.

Week12-05 Jumping from blind (5 mb)
Week11-05 Boardoff from the tail (6 mb)
Week10-05 Selflaunching (11 mb)
Week09-05 Waveriding part 3 (21 mb)
Week08-05 Jumping part 1 (11 mb)
Week07-05 Triple backloop transition (4 mb)
Week06-05 Forward 900 transition (4 mb)
Week05-05 Toeside front 540 transition (3 mb)
Week04-05 Passing other riders (7mb)
Week03-05 Frontloop transition2 (4mb)
Week02-05 Frontloop transition (4 Mb)
Week 01-05 The frontloop (4 Mb)
Week 53-04 Aerial backloop180 transition(4 Mb)
Week 52-04 Carving backloop180 transition (3 Mb) (Holiday bonus trick)
Week 52-04 The backflip transition(4 Mb)
Week 51-04 The backflip (4 Mb)
Week 50-04 The Going upwind part 2 (8 Mb)
Week 49-04 The Waterstart part 2 (11 Mb)
Week 48-04 Toeside frontloop (5 Mb)
Week 47-04 Waveriding part 2 (28 Mb)
Week 46-04 Launching the kite (8 Mb)
Week 45-04 Going upwind part 1 (6 Mb)
Week 44-04 The waterstart part 1 (8 Mb)
Week 43-04 Retrieving the board (10 Mb)
Week 42-04 Kiteloops (11 Mb)
Week 41-04 Handlepass (14 Mb)
Week 40-04 Waveriding part 1 (22 Mb)
Week 39-04 Riding blind (13 Mb)
Week 38-04 Boardoff tricks (10 Mb)
Week 37-04 Toeside backflip (7 Mb)
Week 36-04 Transitions (10 Mb)

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Postby Guest » Sat Mar 26, 2005 4:09 pm

anymore weekly tricks?
Thanks for those posted.

Postby OliverG » Sat Mar 26, 2005 4:10 pm

Anonymous wrote:anymore weekly tricks?
Thanks for those posted.

It's now updated to include all the latest clips.
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